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How to Claim Your Prize!

Winners are announced on the Latest Winners page. If you've won, congratulations! Here is how to claim your prize:

1. You may choose a game of your choice for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Wii, DS, or any other console up to the value of £50 (subject to availability). Alternatively you may choose 30 of Amazon vouchers.

2. Visit and create a support ticket. Enter the login email address for your MyFreeola account and select 'Prize Claim' from the 'Pick the Relevant Service' list. In the 'Your Support Enquiry' field please submit your claim using the following format: User Nickname: Date Prize Awarded: Prize Claim:

3. Sit back and wait! Your prize will be sent as soon as possible however please allow up to 28 days for delivery in some cases. You'll be informed if your claim is invalid, and you need to claim again.

Important Information

Winners have 30 days from the date of submission to claim their prize, after that time the claim will be invalid. Extra Gaming Award winners will have 30 days from the announcement of the winning entry.

Prizes cannot be substituted for money or other products. Freeola reserves the right to change the prizes offered at any time.

Winners must make sure their full address has been entered in their MyFreeola account to qualify for a Freeola Gaming Award, and the e-mail address they log in with must be the same as the one they claim with. Any user with an incomplete address in their account will not be eligible for an award. To change your details, simply click the 'MyFreeola' tab on any page to log-in.

You will receive a confirmation that your claim has been received and accepted within 24 hours of sending the mail. If you do not receive a response please re-submit your claim in using the same method as outlined in Step 2 with 'Award Claim - 2nd' added to the top of your main submission.

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