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Rules & Regulations

Everyone who posts on Freeola UK Chat Forums must abide by these rules or face a penalty - break the rules and you will be warned or banned. We think you'll find them fair.

Do not spam

Spamming is unnecessarily filling our forums full of pointless posts that serve no purpose to anyone. This includes posting the same message over and over again, posting countless Threads on the same subject and replying to people's posts purely to boost your word count. Anyone who is found to be excessively spamming will be warned and will have their posts deleted. If they continue, they will be banned.

Do not swear

These forums are viewed by children, and as such, we ask you to keep bad language off of the forums. Although there is a swear filter on the site to stop innappropriate text from appearing, it cannot possibly cover every eventuality so we ask you to be vigilant and report any bad language using the links provided. Trying to break the swear filter will result in a warning, and if the user persists in misbehaving then we will issue a banning. Please keep the forums clean.

Do not post offensive material

In order to keep these forums a nice place to visit, we ask you that you do not post any material which might be considered offensive - any racist or bigoted posts will be removed, along with the user. We welcome freedom of speech, but ill-informed, ignorant comments will not be accepted. We also ask you not to post links to any inappropriate sites which may contain contents not suitable for users on our site.

Do not link to illegal downloads

Please do not link to any pirated or illegal software/files, as we can be held responsible. Please do not share illegal MP3 files over our chat forums. Any posts pertaining to or mentioning illegal material will be removed.

Do not troll or cause trouble

Anyone found to be purposely winding up other users (trolling) or causing trouble (eg. trying to break the site, using other people's usernames etc.) will be warned - we're providing a place for you to visit, and we'd ask you to respect our rules and behave yourself. If you cannot follow these simple regulations then we will have to ask you to leave. If necessary, we can pass your details on to higher authority should we deem it a serious enough offence.

Do not post links to our competitors

We reserve the right to remove or edit any posts that contain mentions of or links to our competititors. Users that persist in doing so will be warned or banned if necessary.

Do not post copied material

This rule applies to our chat forums and all walkthroughs. Do not post material that was not written by yourself, or if you have to, give the original author credit. Anyone found to be posting copied material will have their posts deleted, and will be warned. If you wish to report a post as copied, please make sure you have the original source before doing so.

Final Notes

We reserve the right to update and change these rules as we see fit, and to warn/ban any users we feel are acting innappropriately. Please respect these rules and enjoy your time on Freeola UK Chat Forums.

You can view our forum safety policy here.

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In my opinion, the ISP is the best I have ever used. They guarantee 'first time connection - everytime', which they have never let me down on.
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Fantastic site, easy to follow, simple guides... impressed with whole package. My website looks tremendous. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to set this up, Freeola helps you step-by-step.

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