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Our forums are professionally moderated and monitored as we want them to be safe for children and families to visit. We do not allow swearing, abusive posts, racism or any other illegal activity; to view a copy of our rules please click here. While we wish to keep this forum family friendly, it is best to use the following tips to ensure your safety.

Remember - everyone you meet is a stranger and may not be who they claim to be.

Never give out your details to people you don't know:

  • Use a nickname and not your real name.
  • Don't tell anyone your address, or give away any credit/debit card information.
  • If you go to school, don't say what school or where it is.
  • Do not post private e-mail addresses on the forums. If you do post an address, use one you don't mind deleting if you get sent spam.

Remember, if in doubt, do not give out any personal information whatsoever.

Do not arrange to meet up with people you meet on the forums unless you already know them. If you do go to meet them, always take someone else with you and let another person know where you are going!

If you view something that you find offensive in any way, please use the 'report post' feature on the thread and we will remove it.

If you find one of our members annoying then use our handy ignore feature. You will then not see any of their posts.

Do not follow links posted in the forums unless you are sure you want to. We cannot guarantee content of external sites.

Freeola does not pass on any information to third parties. To view our privacy policy click here.

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