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"RAW Thread"

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Sat 19/07/03 at 15:01
Posts: 787
I've made a RAW thread which is basically for discussing what happens on RAW. Every week just talk about what happened on RAW, I never actually see that much talk about each show so I've decided to make this thread. Whatever you do PLEASE don't put any spoilers in or if you really have to do it after Friday Night.

I think this seems like a good idea but if you guys don't like it just let it die, however, if this works out I'll make a smackdown thread soon enough.
Wed 09/11/05 at 22:32
Posts: 9,808
Random thoughts from this weeks Raw.

Bischoff 'no-selling' first Mickie James comments about Trish and then Lita's attempted 'bribary' were his most entertaining moments for month.

It's amazing how a decent play-by-play guy can help me ignore most of the on-screen faults...

Since when has Raven been writing Kane's promos?

Bleeping out the 'You suck chants'? Are we supposed to believe Angle couldn't hear them???

Carlito a 'human brilo pad'? The King returns to form...
Mon 31/10/05 at 14:20
Posts: 10,009
Kawada wrote:
> Worst............segment.............ever

That means Vince is bound to go with it......
Mon 31/10/05 at 13:31
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Mon 31/10/05 at 09:08
Posts: 10,009
Me too. For a start how many midget wrestlers are there out there!?
Sun 30/10/05 at 20:48
Posts: 2,781
I think the idea of re-introducing midgets is a horrible one.
Sun 30/10/05 at 01:58
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
that skit went on for about 12 minutes after it stopped being funny.

i'm with Figo, it was rubbish this week....
Simon Dean and the midget > RAW
Sun 30/10/05 at 01:32
Posts: 2,781
I thought the segment with Vince pulling stuff out of JR's bung was hilarious, if only for the dubbing of various JR catchphrases.
Sat 29/10/05 at 19:50
Posts: 5,135
Terrible, terrible RAW.

Smackdown was much better.

That is all.
Fri 28/10/05 at 16:38
Posts: 10,009
That angle with Vince pulling JR's head out of his ass went down like a lead balloon.......
Thu 20/10/05 at 11:10
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
Kawada wrote:
> Hurricane proving once again why the booking team NEEDS to give him
> more mic time. McMahon back on form with the *the sound effect was a
> little late*
Yeah that Hurricanes lines were like a toungue twister that he delivered very well!

> and Coach proves why the WWE were looking elsewhere for a new lead
> announcer.
Why did they sack JR only to replace him with a worse version or JR!?
I know the whole colon thing but i mean come on Coach. Repeating nearly everything 3 times isnt commentating. Its just proving you have a low IQ and cant think of anything else to say!

"The Big show is big" - Wow...brilliant.

> Isn't Flair the IC champ? Must have forgotten his belt. Still, i
> think he's the only guy to bleed for a promo

Yep. Effective!
> Austin on the mic showing the young un's how to deliver a promo and
> also showing just how much the WWE miss him. Great segment, some
> hilarious comments
The whole bit about "your balls might fall out" It had me laughing. You can tell they both found it funny and were trying not to laugh. Stone Cold rarely laughs at his own jokes but even he was grinning at that one.

> If that wasn't the most obvious winner of a Battle Royale when it got
> down to a final four (or when it started) i don't know what is
I agree. That was 12 people short of a Royal Rumble. How quickly did it end! Also, you're right, Kane was blatantly going to win it. Left with the Heartthrobs and Masters, all of which nobody would vote for for a title shot. Glad he did win though.

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