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"The X-box 360"

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Tue 19/07/05 at 18:34
Posts: 18,185
Really looking forward to this but I've been out of the loop so can you fill in a few details for me:

* Has a launch price for the UK been announced yet?

* X-box live, what's the pricing for it? I've heard of this silver/gold service, how does it work and what is the difference price wise? (If you know of course).

* On a scale of 1 to hell yes, is Perfect Dark O gonna be the greatest thing to grace the earth?

* Is it still due this year in Europe?

* Game prices... anyone know?

Who else will be snapping one up on day one?
Sun 07/08/05 at 22:07
Posts: 18,185
Goatboy wrote:
> The barn would agree

Now don't go bringing it up out of the post or I'll get accused of drawin attention to myself!
Sun 07/08/05 at 18:37
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
The barn would agree
Sun 07/08/05 at 17:53
Posts: 18,185
Hedfix wrote:
> I heard a rumour that you could play online on weekends with Silver...

Yeah that'd be good...

Although I'll still get the Gold Service.

Don't do anything by halves!
Sun 07/08/05 at 15:13
"Xbox 360 Rules"
Posts: 30
Who is waiting for Xbox 360 with HD drive
Sun 07/08/05 at 13:19
Posts: 33,481
I heard a rumour that you could play online on weekends with Silver...
Sun 07/08/05 at 13:18
Posts: 18,185
From what I have gathered, you can't really play online games without the Gold service.
Thu 28/07/05 at 20:11
"I am the ultimate"
Posts: 3
one thing i noticed is that although in the gold subscription description, it mentions matchmaking, in the silver service it only mentions of custom games between people on your friends list, so it might be that matchmaking is a premium option..

also,your gamertag will be divided into a "gamerzone" where you can be seperated into different classes of gaming.. (e.g, R&R, or pro) which will meanthat you are more likely to be matched up with people of an identical mindset.. ( you wont get people who play for fun going up against hard-core stat freaks very often, although it is still possible)
Thu 28/07/05 at 20:05
"I am the ultimate"
Posts: 3
xbox360 live works in gold and silver, silver is 100% free and comes with all xbox360's as standard. it will allow you to arrange custom games and chat to other people, it also lets you accept video conferencing from gold members

gold is the premium service, not sure how much it will cost, but it allows you full access to all the features, matchmaking marketplace and allows you to start video conferences

when you first sign in on xbox360, you will be able to transfer existing live- subscription time to gold-level subscription time, and then your account reverts to silver ( unless you pay for an update).

i think the service is going to have the same charges as the current xbox live service, but i cant confirm that.
Thu 28/07/05 at 14:15
"Xbox 360 Rules"
Posts: 30
The price is estimated at 200 pounds in UK
Tue 26/07/05 at 19:50
Posts: 354
Anyone else seen the Xbox 360 face plates on Ebay? Going for around 50. I know they are collectable like but still seems alot of money to me.

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