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"Played any SEGA Games Today??"

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Mon 05/08/02 at 18:20
Posts: 787
Have you played any SEGA games today or very recently that you'd like to comment on??

Was it on the Dreamcast, the MegaDrive, GameCube, or are you one of those very few who actually own a SEGA Saturn??
Or have you had a good-ol' time with SEGA in the Arcades maybe?

Whatever SEGA game you've played, whatever SEGA format it's on, just name it here - and add wether or not you enjoyed it.

Remember: SEGA Console Games ONLY!
We don't want this one to be like Cooky's thread! ;)
Tue 15/07/03 at 21:48
"ur kungfu is no goo"
Posts: 466
ive started playing gun valkyrie, bloody hard to get used to but once youve nailed the controls its a great game to play, also playing grimson sea which feels very much like a sega game and is a bit of an off-line pso affair, but again bloody good, I have so many great games but so very little time to play them, it is not cool!
Mon 14/07/03 at 11:01
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
Currently on VF4:Evo...
Sat 12/07/03 at 14:05
Posts: 10,437
I just played NiGHTS for the first time ever :-O.

It's possibly the best game I've ever played, although I don't know what the hell's going on.

Oh, and the 3D Pad rocks.
Sat 12/07/03 at 02:09
"Bring the beat back"
Posts: 1,804
I have been able to get my Sega Mega Drive II working today so I was playing on Sonic for a bit, Desert Storm and then Super Hang On.
Wed 09/07/03 at 19:13
"we escape....."
Posts: 904
just want to say got my dreamcast through from ebay this morning, been playing MSR. I got some other games with it that'll i'll play later, like Crazy Taxi 2 which i've not played i've only played the first one.
Wed 09/07/03 at 09:10
"Same as above^"
Posts: 405
I played rez for about 20 minutes and then played through streets of rage 2 and golden axe with a mate. Both on the dreamcast. Always fun to go back to old games and realise how short they really are. Golden axe only takes about 15 minutes to complete.
Tue 08/07/03 at 22:10
"All about the Beats"
Posts: 1,998
and toe jam and earl.
Sun 06/07/03 at 18:03
Posts: 10,437
Virtua Cop 2 (again) and Alien Trilogy (not a Sega game, really, but still...). Both for the Saturn.
Thu 03/07/03 at 16:58
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
Samba de Amigo last night.
Wed 02/07/03 at 18:59
Posts: 10,437
I've been playing Virtua Cop 2 for the Saturn. It's a great game, I was also surprised to see how good the Predator good is, too.

Still always get Klutz Cop though. Ah well, at least I get to hear it being said :-D

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