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"Splinter Cell: I'm stuck.."

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Fri 20/12/02 at 22:15
Posts: 787
I've had it a whole 25 hours and I'm stuck already.

Ok, so in the Defence Ministry (I know, how crap am i..) after doing the glass lift microphone bit, i've entered a building through the window, and gone upstairs in a lift. Upstairs there are 2 glass doors with keypads, 1 covered by a camera, and a normal locked door leading into an office (been in, nothing interesting). So, where now? I can't find the codes for the doors, and there doesnt appear to be anywhere else to go...

Tue 21/01/03 at 16:54
Posts: 0
> I am stuck on the police precint. I have looked everywhere for this
> elusive AGENT Blaustein, But i cant seem to locate the guy. Can anyone
> help me with this dilema. will someone have the human decensy to help a brother out???????? Beuller,Beuller,Anyone, Anyone,
Sat 18/01/03 at 14:57
Posts: 0
lads, thanks for the tips, theres been a frenzy of double jumping at my success yet!
Fri 17/01/03 at 21:06
Posts: 1,302
yeah that's the key. a double jump from on of the rubish bins
Fri 17/01/03 at 18:56
Posts: 40's one of those double jump type moves, I think you stand on one of the "skips?" too to get the extra height.
Thu 16/01/03 at 12:34
Posts: 0

Thanks for that Daveus, see the window but cant get up. Is there another way in? or am i still a doughnut? Obviously need to go back to training!!
Wed 15/01/03 at 14:55
Posts: 1
buy xbm and look at the walkthrough
Wed 15/01/03 at 14:34
Posts: 1,302
hi. this is quite easy when you know what you gotta do...

if you can't work it out from this i'll tell you what i did or someone else'll proberly tell you something. the easiest way to do it is to take out all the guards that you can see. there should be about 5 (including the one who talks on the radio. you can take them all out without going into the courtyard, unless number 5 comes out. (he'll only come out if the spotlights catch you. so with all the guards taken out all you gotta do is avoid the mines using your thermal goggles. when you get to the bottom you should find a room with a few garbige bags and a med kit.

if you still die, i'll tell you what i did ;-)
Tue 14/01/03 at 22:31
Posts: 0

Splinter cell doing my nut! On the abatoir level with all the thermal mines and the search lights...what next? Cant seem to find a way out that i can use. Must be a doughnut.

Thanks, fergyboy.
Thu 09/01/03 at 20:37
Posts: 40
No problemo :o)
Thu 09/01/03 at 19:01
Posts: 1,302
i said goddamn! thanks. man! :-)

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