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"Final Fantasy XIII Discussion Thread"

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Wed 10/03/10 at 13:52
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Big name, big game and big fan's bound to be a game widely discussed!

As we seem to have a thread for most of the big games, I thought we may as well have one for this behemoth of a game - so if you have any ideas, favourite ways to play the game or just want to pass comment on what already appears to be a fantastic and absorbing game - please post here.

If you want to discuss the plot or other aspects of the storyline - remember to use the
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tags to hide it from people who want to play the game without ruining it for themselves.

first off...I'm liking the combat system now - no definite turn based combat? Action seems to be constant even though you have to select your moves. Brilliant?
Wed 21/03/12 at 08:50
"I like turtles"
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First I hear that Disney are set to lose $200 million on John Carter and now it would appear that the bloke from Twilight is reduced to flogging poor quality iPad 2 cases on here, sad times...
Wed 21/03/12 at 07:37
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kinda cool. I doubt the sequel will be a corridor fest like the original.

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Sat 03/12/11 at 20:34
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I finished FF13 after playing for about 6 months, and I actually really enjoyed it, cant wait for the new one! Yeah there were other FFs that were better, but this one is kinda special for me because its the first I actually completed! Well worth its money.
Sun 06/11/11 at 13:00
Posts: 261
I've seen some screenshots of ffXIII-2 that have slot machines and Chocobo racing, which hints that they are trying to create a place like the golden saucer from ff7, which is kinda cool. I doubt the sequel will be a corridor fest like the original.
Fri 04/11/11 at 16:41
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"Freeola Ltd"
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New HD trailer out for the game. Explains quite a lot more.

It really does look promising, or at least more promising than 13 was.

Can't find the link ATM, downloaded it on my PS3.
Tue 01/11/11 at 11:54
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"Freeola Ltd"
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Different opinions on 13 I guess. But I still think we have covered that in this thread earlier.

150 poke... sorry monsters to collect? Sounds bleh to me, but I'm not that daunted tbh.

To be fair, with the story in 13 you could read the dialog online and know it better than by playing the game anyway. So don't let that stop you.

Also 14 made some huge effort to improve things, holding many Q and A with customers. They have done some good work, and making it free to play was a large step. But it still doesn't scratch WoW and the new expansion is looking better so...
Mon 31/10/11 at 20:33
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Dr. Garin wrote:
See, this looks much more appealing but I'll never play it because I gave up on F13 and dont want to join the story half way through now.

My position as well, plus 13 was an abomination.
More interesting to me was seeing 14 advertised as being available for pre-order on the PS3. Amazon has it priced for under £8, which is great if they manage to fix the disaster that was the pc version.
Mon 31/10/11 at 19:48
"Devil in disguise"
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See, this looks much more appealing but I'll never play it because I gave up on F13 and dont want to join the story half way through now.
Mon 31/10/11 at 18:07
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"Freeola Ltd"
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To add to the FF13-2 comments on my last post .... uh oh....

"Master of Monsters
A wide variety of over 150 different monsters inhabiting the game world can be recruited into the player’s party and battle strategy, with each creature having unique and devastating special abilities!"

Lot of info on GAME - Click See More
Tue 20/09/11 at 09:58
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"Freeola Ltd"
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Garin wrote:
I'm not really convinced its the game they intended. I think it got refactored half way through. There are some areas early in the game which look suspiciously like hubs. And maybe thats why theres so much of the story in text as well.

This at least I agree with. They pretty much admitted this halfway through development.

They actually cited that they had kind of "done the RPG" as well as they could, and they wanted to try something new. To appeal to a wider audience. At least they were honest I guess, even if it upset fans.

Good news tho, FF13-2 is looking better from a fan perspective. Hubs, sidequests, a proper mini-game (blitzball anyone?), and sounds like battles have been thickened out (although atm all I can see is the ability to power up moves by timing a button press) :S

Still good news tho.

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