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Fri 16/02/07 at 08:35
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Somewhere to mention and comment on the small bits of news that don't require an entire thread to themselves.
Tue 12/02/08 at 16:21
"possibly impossible"
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My M3 Real can accept Action Replay cheats as well.

Never really use cheats in games unless there's something really cool to unlock in a crap game I don't want to play through. :)
Mon 11/02/08 at 23:22
"Soul Calibur RULES!"
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yep that's the Action Replay alright, there quite good, you can use some of them to create your own cheats as well as entering codes you get from magazines and websites.
Sun 10/02/08 at 22:47
"Devil in disguise"
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If you're referring to entering cheats and it says action replay then I guess it means one of these.
Sun 10/02/08 at 22:37
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Please advise...Gamecube Sonic Mega Collection......WHAT IS ACTION REPLAY AND HOW DO I FIND IT?? Oh what fun if only, if only!!...
Thu 10/01/08 at 18:41
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This is the DS version
Mon 07/01/08 at 18:58
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The focus for Microsoft's CES 2008 keynote was the departure of chairman Bill Gates and the future of Windows. However, among the operating systems, convergent devices, and celebrity cameos, the billionaire dropped news that the UK would be the first country to receive on-demand IPTV content via the Xbox 360.

The deal, which sees the American firm partner with UK-based telecom giant BT, will see the Xbox 360 console used as a device to receive content from the BT Vision service. When the software update arrives in mid-2008, Vision subscribers will be able to access a library of on-demand content that includes movies, television, and sports events. The Xbox 360 service will be fully integrated into the system dashboard, which will allow Xbox Live connection for simultaneous voice chat and instant messaging, as well as access to the other services on offer.

BT Vision has been available in the UK since December 2006. It allows BT subscribers who pay a minimum 17.99 ($35.57) a month subscription to receive on-demand media over a broadband connection, as well as standard free-to-air digital TV. Films currently retail at 1.99 to 2.99 ($4-$6) per rental, TV shows at 0.79 ($1.56), and music videos at 0.29 ($0.57), whereas unlimited themed-content packs are priced at 6 ($12) a month. Currently, this content is displayed only via BT's "V-box" hardware, a device that also lets users watch live TV.

Although the Xbox 360 won't offer the live TV aspect of the package, there is a possibility that it will offer some compatibility with existing hardware. BT spokesperson Adam Liversage told GameSpot UK that the company is looking into the possibility of streaming live content around the home using the V-box unit. He also pointed out that although the vast majority of on-demand content will be accessible by the Xbox 360, Setanta Sports' football coverage will be exempted. BT's "near-live" coverage, in which matches are shown in full a few hours after the end of live games, will be offered instead.

Dan Marks, CEO of BT Vision, went on to say: "For the first time, consumers in the UK will be able to experience the advantages of an advanced TV service together with the benefits of next-generation gaming. Our aim is to provide BT Vision on multiple platforms--giving customers greater convenience, control, and flexibility over what they watch, when they watch, and how they watch TV. It also means that we are able to potentially expand our BT Vision customer base by tapping into the popularity of Xbox 360."

Although BT Vision content is currently being delivered in standard definition, Liversage said that high definition was definitely on the company's future road map, and the standard V-boxes are described by BT as being HD-ready.
Mon 07/01/08 at 18:42
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Is this the handheld version of the game? Doesn't sound like the console version I've played.
Sun 30/12/07 at 18:00
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OK Guys, I know I'm not the brightest light in the cupboard but you have to make allowances for age and the fact that I am blonde, so I need help again with the Golden Compass

Still having problems, sure I must be super thick (lol). Have now managed to get out the caverns, through the kitchen and found Roger. Managed to screw up Rogers pathway as instructed and I am now trying to climb the tower, but with no success, no matter what I do I cannot get to the top. So far I have managed to convert insect to a moth and thats about all.

I have climbed ropes, jumped across from rope to rope, platform to platform etc and STILL I cannot get any further.

What am I doing wrong or is it just a matter of perseverence?????????
Wed 26/12/07 at 13:29
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Well guys, hope you all had an anjoyable christmas day
I'm now back on the trail and have managed thanks to your help toget through the first part of the cavern and now trying to figure out the next one.

Suppose I can't help being dense, but in the interest of science will try to continue and get through if not, theres always the back up

YOU :-))))))))))))))))))hey hey

bye the way sausage rolls in the post, not sure how they will fair though (lol) cut out the green bits, should be ok then

Thanks again guys
Mon 24/12/07 at 13:18
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* Wipes away crumbs *

No idea

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