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"PSP query..."

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Sun 19/06/05 at 23:45
Posts: 842
Is it more worth it to get a Japanese PSP or an American one? I know the games all region free but it's mainly a UMD movie factor. I can't decide whether to get a Japanese PSP for extremely cheap (£100 with a game) or an American one for the USA's regular price. Should I sacrifice the ability of being able to play multi player games with people when they get their european games over the cost?
Thu 28/07/05 at 07:40
Posts: 14,437
Legendary Link wrote:
> get a ds
Wed 27/07/05 at 18:16
Posts: 2,287
Get on!

But, yer...thats bad, dont do it again.

Wed 27/07/05 at 18:03
Posts: 939
Mozzy, I got an even better deal than you on the eBay front... hows this:

3 DVDs with:
6 PSP games (naughty, I do not approve of... honest)
Bout 10 homebrew games
Loads of PSP software
21 films to drag and drop straight onto PSP

All for 7 quid.

Wed 27/07/05 at 17:43
Posts: 2,769
get a ds
Wed 27/07/05 at 17:24
Posts: 2,287
Yer, like Bonus said, you can just download them from the official site. You have to register to the site though and I actually think you need to connect the PSP to your computer when downloading them because it automatically downloads it to your PSP, not your PC.

But you can easily download the packs from other sites like and download them to your PC if you want.

btw, I bought a cd off of Ebay which had 9 films on it that are already converted so that you can just drag and drop them into the PSP folder and watch them on your PSP:

- Star Wars Episode 3: ROTS
- Deuce Bigalow - Male Gigalo
- Sin City
- Saving Private Ryan
- Black Hawk Down
- Fight Club
- Madagascar
- MR and MRS Smith
- Shaun of the Dead

Only cost me £2.99 and they have such good quality, which is strange seeing as some of them aren't even on DVD yet... :/
Wed 27/07/05 at 15:17
Posts: 6,492
The wipeout packs are downloaded from the wipeout website, you can download them to your PC now and save them for when you get a PSP if you like.

The might all be out before release here and just come on th UMD though, just have to wait and see :D.
Wed 27/07/05 at 14:46
Posts: 4,910
Are there any plans for those Wipeout packs to be released for the UK version?
Wed 27/07/05 at 09:23
Posts: 2,287
Haha, Sony love us:

Add-on pack for July will be available for download on July, 28th!

New pack called "Delta Pack" will add new league to you game!
"Delta" size: 8MB
2 new menu graphics
- Team Asegai
- Team Harimao
2 new circuits
- “Iridia” Length: 2680M Altitude: 290M
- “Anorufasupasu” Length: 5097M Altitude: 170M

So tommorow we will have another (fourth) downloadble package. I think theres one coming out sometime in August too.


(Sorry, this is my thrid post in a row :P)
Tue 26/07/05 at 18:26
Posts: 2,287
I could've sworn I made a thread about GTA PSP. Anyway, some info has leaked:


Sounds good. I wouldn't have liked having the eating and exercising elements on the PSP version anyway, the San Andreas target system is staying which is very good news.

The hidden packages, stunt jumps, rampages, taxi missions and vigilante missions are all staying too.

This sounds really good now, heres some screens:


In other news...


Smackdown vs Raw has been announced.
Tue 26/07/05 at 09:54
Posts: 2,287
Badgerman wrote:
> Oh, and I've also heard tha Hot Shots Golf thingy is meant to be very
> addictive, anyone have it?

Im getting that this week!

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