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"Why I Like Mourinho"

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Fri 18/03/05 at 10:51
Posts: 16,548
Because his players want to play for him. Simple as that. You see him running out onto the pitch after Barca and hugging JT and Lamps. Drogba, as much I hate him, runs to him after the West Brom goal. Joey Joey Cole attributes his form to him. And I reckon Paulo Ferreira actually lives at Jose's house as his son.

And you compare this to Rafa Benitez. I get bored listening to him. He doesn't explain his stupid subsitutions (You need a win, so obviously the way to do this is to bring off Baros for Nunez) and you hear nothing about the players bond with him. Jamie Carragher chats about playing for Liverpool, not Benitez. That's the difference. I just wish we had someone like Mourinho.

Who cares if he makes a comment about Frisk? It was an unbelievable sending off. Not his fault the majority of Chelsea fans are stupid Londoners.

Sometimes I dream he hadn't turned down Liverpool. I wonder if we would've kept Stevie then, instead of being resigned to him going to Chelsea/Real in the summer and being lumbered with players like Josemi and Nunez.
Sun 10/04/05 at 12:45
Posts: 11,373

Damn...wish I'd seen him say this...must of been a classic.
Sun 10/04/05 at 12:33
Posts: 11,373
or†ega wrote:
> Mourinho wasnt funny at all in his interview yesterday! looked proper
> stressed out with his eyes red as if he'd been crying!

Because he drew and there was no one to blame but his team.
Sun 10/04/05 at 12:22
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
He always has that.

It's that chic drunken tramp look.

See him in an American Express advert?

Certainly unexpected. Good advertising move though.
Sun 10/04/05 at 11:57
Posts: 15,579
Mourinho wasnt funny at all in his interview yesterday! looked proper stressed out with his eyes red as if he'd been crying!
Sun 10/04/05 at 11:41
Posts: 9,494
I like him cos hes cool, simple as.
Sat 09/04/05 at 14:48
"This is my tagline"
Posts: 94
Clazon wrote:
> Fills the media with funny things instead of the Wenger v Ferguson
> spat.
u dont think the wenger ferguson spat is funny??? i only wish theyd got the soup throwing on camera....
Sat 09/04/05 at 13:42
Posts: 15,579

Sorry, i just love that name.
Sat 09/04/05 at 13:40
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
or†ega wrote:

> The argument is pretty stupid TBH. Take Henry, Pires, Ljungberg,
> Cole and Vieira out of Arsenal and they would struggle. Its the same
> with all the top teams!

I agree...

...but Lupoli, Fabregas, Flamini, Senderos and Quincy would tear you all apart

Sat 09/04/05 at 13:37
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
Reasons I think Mourinho is a good manager:

Takes all of the press comments, so his team remain undisturbed to do the business.

Fills the media with funny things instead of the Wenger v Ferguson spat.

Tactically very astute and takes oppertunities and varies what he does.

Reasons I like him:

He has a funny voice

He loks like an old man sometimes

He looks like a tramp with his coat and beards at times

He has nothing to do with RoBram
Sat 09/04/05 at 11:31
Posts: 16,548
Yup. Take Biscan, Mellor, Traore, Smicer and Darren Potter out of the Liverpool squad and we'd struggle to make 10th.

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