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Tue 31/08/04 at 19:55
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Well someone had to start the topic off :D

Still need a midfielder mind....

Oh well...


Plaster Ears and Fat kid to fire United to the title!!!11
Sun 12/09/04 at 12:30
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Silvestre looks lost without Rio beside him, they were the best duo in the Premiership before Rio's ban.

But yes Gabriel '57 times better than Ashley Cole' Heinze living up to his name with a corker of a debut goal. Argie defenders, got to love them :-D
Sat 11/09/04 at 22:55
Posts: 15,579
we could have a decent defence now if Silvestre is just swapped around with heinze.

the guy is the outfield version of david james...I've given Silvestre the benefit of the doubt many times in the past, but today was just beyond belief.
Sat 11/09/04 at 19:02
Posts: 8,818
Decent debut from Heinze, hopefully when Rio comes back we will have a more solid defence...
Sat 11/09/04 at 15:51
Posts: 15,579
hah, and heinze scores on his debut!

argentina! argentina! argentina!
Sat 11/09/04 at 00:58
Posts: 4,279
Rio could have had at least 5 goals for Utd by now. And to think he used to be a striker. Ohwell. It's not what he was bought for anyway.
Fri 10/09/04 at 23:38
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haha, cantona's first game after the kung fu special was against yooooos as well.

dont think a defender can have quite the same impact. although Rio is still waiting for his first united goal...
Fri 10/09/04 at 23:31
"5 European Cups!!!"
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Fergie says that Ruud will definetely be back for the Liverpool game. So will Rio.

This always happens to us, with every team!

Oh well, it'll be more satisfying when we beat you ;)
Fri 10/09/04 at 23:28
Posts: 15,579
rooney out for 3 weeks then.

At least Ruud might be on the bench tomorrow! :D
Fri 10/09/04 at 21:27
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
SolskjŠr wrote:
> lalakersrule wrote:
> "Come back Kenyon all is forgiven..."
> -----
> (Clearly, a great act of despiration!) ;)

Picked up on that eh? :-D
Fri 10/09/04 at 20:50
"Long time no see!"
Posts: 8,351
lalakersrule wrote:
"Come back Kenyon all is forgiven..."

(Clearly, a great act of despiration!) ;)


I don't understand how players are able to pass medicals when they're unable to kick a ball either. Unless, of course, "Medicals" only require urine samples and drug-testing now....?

Either way, with Agent around, I bet there was `PLENTY┤ of paper money floating around... Brown envelopes and all!

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