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Tue 04/08/09 at 01:21
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
The idea is to post the names of 2 different people and we debate who would win in a fight between them. Would also help to put where the person is from (ie.Film, Book, Computer Game etc.). Simple.

I'll start.

Leonidus (300) vs Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)
Fri 07/08/09 at 15:19
Posts: 143
There aren't there many girls on the Freeola pages... one at login at another on the page they redirect you to sometimes before posting.
Fri 07/08/09 at 13:17
Posts: 9,995
The girls littered about the various pages of Freeola vs the girls of real life.
Fri 07/08/09 at 12:51
Posts: 4,558
Special Reserve Vs Freeola Chat

An absolute raping to SR methinks.
Fri 07/08/09 at 09:27
Posts: 15,681
I bet Yoshi likes it anyway...

These vs pics were taken in February 2006. Click on the links to see the winners...

*All pictures from Super Smash Bros. Meleé rated 11+ by ELSPA at the time

Yoshi vs Mario

Mario vs Peach

Porygon vs Mario

Fox vs Pokéball

Charizard vs Mario

Young Link vs Adult Link as Neo vs Zelda as an agent from The Matrix vs Mario

Adult Link and Young Link vs Mario and Zelda

Falco vs Mario

Mario vs Lylat Wars
Alternate angle
Thu 06/08/09 at 14:14
Posts: 4,488

Maybe Diddy would like that
Thu 06/08/09 at 14:05
Posts: 15,681
Yoshi would lick Diddy Kong to death...
Thu 06/08/09 at 13:57
Posts: 4,488
lol, ok so how about -

Yoshi vs Diddy Kong
Thu 06/08/09 at 13:54
Posts: 15,681
Aren't they both JB? ^_^

007 has been around since WWII (if I'm remembering the books correctly) and doesn't look a day over 90 in 2009*

*It's true...there isn't a single James Bond movie where he looks over 90
Thu 06/08/09 at 12:53
Staff Moderator
"Freeola Ltd"
Posts: 3,299
Yeah but JB cried................. He is 10x the man Bond is.
Thu 06/08/09 at 07:59
Posts: 15,681
James Bond can have an entire army shooting automatic machine gun rounds in his general direction without being hit. Though he did have a massive whack to the gonads in Casino Royale (though not has harsh as he did in the original book...), so for toughness and invincibility I'd say James Bond...

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