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"The Mount fund for the poor and needy!"

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Thu 05/05/05 at 15:49
"Homemade Cherry Pie"
Posts: 903

Pumpkinist and i are coming up to level 40! But we still have a problemo - Mount money :( I have 10g and i dont nesrly have enough for a mount! So... If you have any unwanted cash, just send it to us :D You know you wanna, we'd do the same for you...


Really though, the mounts are very overpriced. 72g Only if you're honored and another 18g on top of that for training :( Its especially hard to build up the cash for hunetrs like me, what with all the pet food spending and stuff.. Grr it's gonna take me ages.

Thu 12/05/05 at 21:28
"Homemade Cherry Pie"
Posts: 903
Yay, i have a mount!!! A Striped frost sabre. All thanks to my new best friend sheepy :D
Thu 12/05/05 at 20:38
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
I respecced my priest. Cost 1G and basically meant I cancelled out about 10 useless points that I spent when I didn't really know much about the game.
Thu 12/05/05 at 19:02
"Homemade Cherry Pie"
Posts: 903
Agh i only need about 12G now, if anyone could spare anything it would be greatly appreciated :D
Thu 12/05/05 at 18:20
Posts: 23,284
Didn't know you could unlearn talent points.

I have about the same number in all, I might just focus on one.

Hmmm what is best for a human rogue then?
Thu 12/05/05 at 18:19
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Damarus wrote:
> And as for the healing part, I usually make sure I go in instances etc
> with a priest or something and basically refuse to do the healing
> unless its an emergency.

Ahahaha, a hybrid healer that refuses to heal, quality.
Thu 12/05/05 at 15:12
"Homemade Cherry Pie"
Posts: 903
Bullett wrote:
> Kim, tag change possibly.

Hmm yes.
Thu 12/05/05 at 12:00
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
My Crossbows class, just need a scope on it, so no. :)

Plus, wont it be soulbound anyway? Meaning I couldnt sell it to you? I forget.
Thu 12/05/05 at 11:31
Posts: 10,489

Yeah that was my thoughts exactly when I went to bed last night aiming to be close to level 40 by Sunday and have enough saved up for a mount, how sad.

You are not selling your Crossbow by any chance? I currently have the 36-37 damage jobby but want a better one.
Thu 12/05/05 at 11:24
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
Im Lvl 38 now, two lvls off the magic 40! Got some mail armour in the bank so wont have to buy any and currently 30g for the 90g i need to my mount and training. Hope to have that by Sunday.

(Really says something when the priority of my week is to get that mount by the end of it...)
Thu 12/05/05 at 06:47
Posts: 14,437
Kim, tag change possibly.

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