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"Hmm... what to do?"

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Mon 14/04/03 at 00:42
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I found a mobile phone today - same model as my own, a Sony CMD-J70.

It was just sitting on a wall as I walked past. It doesn't have a SIM card in it, so I don't know if it's been nicked or what.

I don't know whether to hand it in to the police or get unlocked and make use of it/flog it.

If I hand it in, I don't think it stands any chance of getting back to the owner - more likely it'll get scrapped or remain unclaimed and some copper will keep it for himself.

Or I can get it unlocked (it's on the dodgy Vodafone network) and either flog it or use it for spare parts... a spare battery would be nice, and save me buying one for 30-40.

Tue 15/04/03 at 20:17
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Funny how people say they had their phone knicked when they mean they lost it
Tue 15/04/03 at 19:29
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On a more serious note. Hand it i had my phone nicked a few weeks ago and checked with the bouncers and the cloak room at the club i went to but noboody had handed it it. I asked at the police station but had no luck, and was none the less pretty pisssed of. Hand it in, A) you don't need it, B) there is a chance it will be recovered in the long run by its owner C) You know its the right thing to do.

About 4 or 5 days after I had my phone nicked. I was in another club and I found a girls purse on the floor, Picked it up and had a look to see if there was anything with which we could identify the owner, sure enough it had her student card with picture on it, had a look about but couldn't see her so i handed the purse in at the bar. Went back to were my mates were (were we had found it on the dancefloor) couple of minutes later we saw a girl who looked as if she was looking for something, anyway this was the girl whose purse it was. I went and got it back and gave it to her, i felt good that i had saved someones evening from turning crap. I could have Gained as there was a fair bit of money in it, but moraly i actual felt compelled to at least make an attempt to get it back to its rightful owner. If only the prat who nicked my phone had actually been like me.....
Tue 15/04/03 at 19:21
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he was probably a male pornstar filming a grannyfest.
Tue 15/04/03 at 18:14
Posts: 482
If I found 50 on the floor, I would hand it in. There was a story on TV about a man who found 90 in a men's toilet, turns out it belonged to a pensioner, his lofe savings or something (Some may ask what the pensioner was doing in the toilets with that amount of money, but that is irrelevant!)
Tue 15/04/03 at 14:19
"Well hit on me..."
Posts: 1,169
maddmun wrote:
> What's a rizler?

Oh my god.....

It the plural of a single Rizla.

'I used many Rizlers to make my (p)oint'

Or at least thats how we ere in zumerset zay it.
Tue 15/04/03 at 14:13
"That's right!"
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I once found a tenner on the floor at Virgin. Then I discovered it was my own, from when I'd pulled my hand out of my pocket to pick something up and it had fallen out. Ahem...

"I wait with glee for each one of you to have your mobile stolen."

Not only do I not take my mobile out with me anyway (well, at least not on a normal day to day basis, since I know I'll be home to check my messages/missed calls at the end of the day, only take it when I go away) but I agreed with you. To a certain extent.

I don't believe Wookie is stealing a mobile phone, but I do think he should hand it in. Think of the children! Won't somebody please think of the children?!
Tue 15/04/03 at 14:05
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Its very not!
Tue 15/04/03 at 13:58
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That's nice...
Tue 15/04/03 at 13:54
Posts: 12,243
We believe you... honest...
Tue 15/04/03 at 13:49
Posts: 11,597
Hmmm, I worked in two shops from the age of 11. That's 4 years. I found in total, what, over 200. I never kept a penny. I like to be honest.

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