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"WoW Instance tim,es"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'World of Warcraft'.
Tue 18/10/05 at 16:36
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Does anyone have any info on how long different instances take to do?

times not guides, not help, times only. Before numpties post links to dungeon guides.

I only ask as I was going to do Sunken Temple last night, before I was told it can take anything from 2 - 6 hours. At 8.30 on a school night, that possibly takes me till 2.30am before completion.
Fri 21/10/05 at 18:24
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Why would you rather be in a big group of stinking geeks like that? You've got 5 epics with EPS so far!

I read his post on the forums - tis a fair point. Just give it time - the guild is full of better and nicer players than pretty much anyone I've ever played with, including arrogant 'I'm just here to search for talent' SECURITY and Omen types.

Eg - Ergot is the only druid who can almost match my healing abilities, and tbh, everyone is a really good player, in PvE at least - Herb, Toko, Zinh and I etc, we're good at PvP. Not to blow my own trumpet :P
Fri 21/10/05 at 18:15
"Homemade Cherry Pie"
Posts: 903
So we can 'get to know' some new people... : /

tbh i'd rather be in a guild like omen at the moment.. i wouldn't get in anyway :P Bullett thinks i should make my own guild! heheh

anyway we have about 20 active 60's around 40 60's in total
Fri 21/10/05 at 17:55
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825

How many 60s are there now?

Better than joining a big stupid guild though
Fri 21/10/05 at 17:33
"Homemade Cherry Pie"
Posts: 903
Noh, ergot stopped recruitment, Way to go! :S

It's stupid really...
Fri 21/10/05 at 15:36
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
F**k IFA, EPS only raids ftw.

Well, soon.

OI, Ramirez, have you rerolled Horde? You traitorous swine.
Fri 21/10/05 at 15:11
"Homemade Cherry Pie"
Posts: 903
I need somewhere to whine, i was put on reserve for the last MC raid and now im on reserve AGAIN! :'(
Fri 21/10/05 at 12:05
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Think the main reason Shamans are percieved to be better is that they are better in group PvP, whereas Pallys are superb at solo (if they're any good), and tough to beat, what with their stupid shields. Shamans on the other hand can cast loads of AoE stuff that messes people up in various ways, and with the current imbalance between caster and melee, can also just simply smack you round the face a few times.
Fri 21/10/05 at 07:19
Posts: 14,437
Congrats to BBC for making WoW seem even nerdier:


Of all the guilds to interview, they had to pick a moon-hugging bunch of weirdos that moan because they don't have Paladins on their faction and that they can't sit down after farming Ragnaros because there's no chairs in the Cities...

I mean really, who wants Paladins when you have Shamans?
Thu 20/10/05 at 21:59
Posts: 15,443
Woah bud, no need to post your blog here.
Thu 20/10/05 at 17:20
Posts: 10,364

There was a complete unanimous walkout of that lecture, as soon as the break came I think around 90% of the people sitting around me decided to call it quits. It got the point where people were actually playing games on their phones/laptops or just talking .

I'm probably right in saying that the (first half) of the lecture was probably the most boringest thing I've been to in my life.

I sat next to the student rep for our course, the one with pink/purple hair, and he said he's planning to make a formal complaint.

Student revolt!

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