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"I got Resi Evil!"

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Thu 12/09/02 at 20:04
Posts: 787
Yes I picked it up today and played on it as soon as i could!

My first impressions are overall very good!

The graphics are amazing and excatly like the pictures show (although I need an RBG cable to make it perfect!

The controls are slightly difficult as the reviews have said and how the camera works can be frustrating!

I've got into the game but I can see there being quite alot to do yet!

So I think that you lot are definatly in for a treat tomorrow when you get it!


Thu 03/10/02 at 16:53
Posts: 28
Resident Evil has to be one of the most popular series in video game history. Im up to the part where Forest Speyer is chasing you
Wed 25/09/02 at 21:26
Posts: 11,024
Rocket launcher - under three hours.

There's an invisible mode as well, where all enemies are invisible, and the auto-aim is turned off! I think you get a message from Shinji Mikami as well when you get this.
Wed 25/09/02 at 21:18
Posts: 3,863
in order to get the samuri edge pistol you need to do under 5 hours pn NORMAL difficulty
Wed 25/09/02 at 20:44
"Comfortably Numb"
Posts: 5,591
I'm going to get it, i hope, but i'm not quite sure, my bro says it is the best game out, but he hasn't played it. I wonder if Eternal Darkness will be better?
Wed 25/09/02 at 19:08
Posts: 11,024
I finished with Chris.....apparently you have to do something earlier to get hte last boss! Anyway, the mountain climbing is normal mode, I think, because when you complete it you get hard mode.

Apart from that I got the closet key and the Real Survival mode, where the item boxes aren't linked.
Wed 25/09/02 at 18:43
Posts: 2,131
Blast my reverse thinking.

Oh well, I've started a game with Jill on Easy now.
Tue 24/09/02 at 21:39
Posts: 11,024
Well hiking is hard....but mountain climbing is harder. It's the desriptions you need to read really.
Tue 24/09/02 at 18:26
"aka 'SLIM'"
Posts: 2,037
Well i finally completed it with Chris on Sunday in about 6hrs but i wanted to get under the 5hr mark to get the smauri edge pistol thingy!
Tue 24/09/02 at 18:20
Posts: 2,131
I thought it was the other way round... by saying that games is like hiking, it would make it hard for you.
Tue 24/09/02 at 18:17
Posts: 11,024
It's not that hard to figure it out if you think about it. One says you like to have a challenge by "overcoming the hardships" and the other is something about........well it's the easy mode, OK?

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