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"Console Wars: Who Will Win?"

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Tue 21/05/13 at 21:35
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
With today's announcement of the XBox One we now know all of the contenders in the next generation of the console wars!!!1 In the red corner we have the latest iteration of Sony's gaming powerhouse, the Playstation 4. Nothing original with the name, but why change a winning formula?

In the blue corner (or should that be green) we have the XBox One. Will people think that it is 360 times more inferior that the XBox 360? Will they compare it to the PSOne? Is their naming convention too confusing for anyone to truly follow?

And in the brown corner is the Wii U. At least they're sticking to what they know. Stick with the Wii name, because that works. And why not stick with the same policy of not backing it at launch with enough games either, amIright? Then, when the games do come, they're the same games we already played. When did Nintendo release an original game? I'm thinking GameCube era. No doubt when the games do come along they will be good, but the way Nintendo are likely to drip-feed them through there won't be enough to keep people interested. The tablet is neat, but so far no one is doing anything interesting with it.

I think the Wii U could put Nintendo in some serious trouble, but they'll always make money from their games - but could we one day see a day when Nintendo release games on another platform?

So it will be left to the big boys to duke it out. Punches will be thrown. Blows will be landed. At the end of the day many of the big games will be multi-platform, but there will be some exclusives. If you can't call it from the exclusives and you're looking at what else it can do, well frankly I'd go for the Sony kit. It looks better. It won't make you pay for Kinect you might not even want, and, at the end of the day, it looks better.

So! Who will you back in the next generation!?
Thu 04/07/13 at 08:54
Posts: 10,009
From looking at what both have to offer I'll be squarely on the side of the PS4.
Tue 25/06/13 at 22:51
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
No ... but maybe ... but no ... but yes ... but what is PS$ and PS£ and Xbox £60 and Xbox !
Tue 25/06/13 at 21:02
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
With certain forthcoming big games (FIFA, Call Of Duty etc.) being released on current gen as well as next gen consoles will owners of different gen machines be able to play against each other? (PS3 with PS4 owners & Xbox One with 360 owners).
Thu 20/06/13 at 16:25
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Just had this text off my friend:

''To celebrate one of the biggest U-turns in corporate history Microsoft are pleased to announce the Xbox 180''

Made me laugh anyway.
Thu 20/06/13 at 08:02
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Nin wrote:
They must have been getting utterly hammered to make the decision so quickly.

I think they must have been utterly hammered when they made those decisions in the first place!

This part of the press release made me laugh:

''Thank you again for your candid feedback. Our team remains committed to listening, taking feedback and delivering a great product for you later this year.''

...candid feedback?!! I can't recall a product receiving the universal slamming that this one did, MS had messed up big and they knew it. The question is will customers trust them now or will they fear that they may try and get this machine established before introducing something later down the line? They still need to release a version of that console without the Kinect as well in my view as that still seems to be an issue for quite a few prospective customers.

Think I'll wait...
Wed 19/06/13 at 23:56
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Microsoft only had 2 options, stick with the greedy changes they made and look stupid or change their plans and try to recuperate some respect.

If I was planning on a next-gen console, I'd still be going for a PS4. Think Sony are definitely winning right now.
Wed 19/06/13 at 23:45
Posts: 18,487
I dont think anyone actually expected them to back down. They must have been getting utterly hammered to make the decision so quickly.
Wed 19/06/13 at 22:28
Posts: 19,415
Well that didn't take too long. As you guys were probably expecting, Microsoft are changing their mind about everything.

I'm guessing the customer feedback, lower than expected pre-orders and that Amazon poll, really scared them.

Wed 19/06/13 at 22:24
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Can you imagine how much more the games industry could have developed had a universal console been "chosen"? Although that's never going to happen, the games industry always has and always will have various different platforms for different purposes and different audiences.

You're not going to buy a 6-year old a PS4 for them to take care of their Nintendog. Each to their own I say, we each decide what we want to play, and ultimately buy.
Wed 19/06/13 at 21:51
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
This has got to be serious ....

BF4 optimized for AMD ...


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