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Sun 06/04/03 at 15:49
Posts: 787
Yes, I know this game is quite old, And most of you people on this forum will of played this ages ago and moved onto your Metroid Prime's and what not, But I purchased this game yesturday, priced at £18.99 :D

And its pretty good, Quite frantic and fast paced, But good fun all around I guess. I'd just like to ask a few questions, as i'm interested.

Whos your favorite character to use?

Mines gotta be Kirby or Pikachu at the moment. Mainly Kirby because you can swallow enemys and use there powers! Kirbys a chubby little mucker aswell, But hes cool.

Whats your highest score on Home run?

Mines 32m. How crap.

Whats your overall opinion of the game?

Tue 15/04/03 at 18:06
"poo poo for you!"
Posts: 2,161
1960s (ish) *yup nods*
Tue 15/04/03 at 15:11
Posts: 171
I followed the link, nice site that.

I played Ice Climbers in a shop on a NES in Austria on Holiday, as a kid years ago, I think before the NES had even had a UK release.

High quality, proper arcade platfrom styles.

Tue 15/04/03 at 15:03
"poo poo for you!"
Posts: 2,161
lol someone follow my links V and you should find out when lol
Tue 15/04/03 at 08:34
Posts: 171
I'm pretty sure Ice Climbers were on the NES first, in a vertical scrolling platform game very much like the Ice Climber stage.
Mon 14/04/03 at 22:13
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
Which one though?
Mon 14/04/03 at 22:12
Posts: 11,038
I'm sure they were on the Game And Watch or something.....
Mon 14/04/03 at 22:10
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
When were Ice climbers first created?
Mon 14/04/03 at 21:17
"poo poo for you!"
Posts: 2,161
Yeah what psycho fox said :P

cat luver wrote:
> vordemon is right you have a good beat em up game with a classic
> characters apart from ness and ice climbers


Ice Climbers NOT Classic! Your Crazy!

see the release date!

Ness not a classic? remember Earthbound on the snes?

I think it came out like few years after ice climber.

I dont see why Mewtwo is classic while iCe climbers etc isnt :/
Mon 14/04/03 at 19:31
Posts: 6,989
I'm best using Pikachu, but my favourite character would have to be Link.
Mon 14/04/03 at 18:45
"zelda champion"
Posts: 87
vordemon is right you have a good beat em up game with a classic characters apart from ness and ice climbers

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