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Thu 12/08/10 at 12:56
"Zebra Three 537-ONN"
Posts: 195
Do you believe in ghosts?

I believe in ghosts but I'm not convinced that 'ghosts' are neccessarily the spirits of the dead.

Consider the possibility of alternate dimensions/parallel universes, or whatever you want to call them and that time is the fourth dimension, then isn't it possible for time to sometimes 'cross over' into other dimensions and that people are in fact seeing echoes in time whenever we hear about these 'ghost stories'?

Since we're on the subject, does anyone have any ghost stories of their own?
Fri 16/03/12 at 08:51
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
Posts: 2,255
Or maybe they just want the attention from similarly-minded fools?
Thu 15/03/12 at 22:01
"Feather edged ..."
Posts: 8,536
Or maybe they saw ghosts that they thought they saw before they saw the ghosts that they thought they first saw before they realised that it was their imagination ;)
Thu 15/03/12 at 19:26
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Jc.n wrote:
If ghosts are imagination how comes some people see ghosts that they have never seen before ????

Or maybe they imagined seeing ghosts that have never seen before??????????
Thu 15/03/12 at 13:26
"LOL Roar"
Posts: 20
If ghosts are imagination how comes some people see ghosts that they have never seen before ????
Mon 15/08/11 at 10:31
"i love chocolate"
Posts: 5
well i belive in ghosts but not in our demention its all in our heads but our imagination can take over!
Thu 20/01/11 at 09:29
Posts: 9,397
I was going to ask the same thing.
Thu 20/01/11 at 07:16
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
How can you not believe in ghosts but used to ? :S
Thu 20/01/11 at 02:42
Posts: 2
no but i used to at my old house but we moved and i dont hear them anymore [we didn't move because of the sounds]
Wed 01/12/10 at 10:46
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I have no problem with describing these sort of things as "paranormal". To me this describes 'beyond normal' events, those that can't currently be described or explained by science but may later be described once science has understood new theories which can explain them.

I'm still in doubt about any experiments that deal in Telekinesis, Telepathy or any Psi-based research, they are never independently witnessed by an un-biased scientific witness and never stand up to further scrutiny.

It doesn't mean that we fully understand the mind or that it isn't capable of more than we can currently scientifically prove, but no-one has yet successfully proved beyond doubt that it can be controlled and measured.
Tue 30/11/10 at 21:56
"Carpe Diem"
Posts: 154
The word 'paranormal' could easily be seen as a problem with it's study. It denotes that something is 'wrong' with it; the prefix of 'para' defining it as something beyond or different from what we know to be normal. But is such phenomena really so outlandish, really so removed from the world around us? Indeed, is our concept of 'normal' as reliable as we imagine?

A good place to start is with the study of 'Psi'. We have all seen posters for alleged psychics; an offer to communicate with the deceased in exchange for monetary gain. But is 'psi'; (by which we mean psychological activity differing from conventional scientific perimeters), really such a bizarre idea? Experiments into psi have generally raised positive results, far greater than the archaic prejudices some may attribute to the study. Examples of this include Ganzfeld experiments, where participants are deprived of sensory input to focus on gathering telepathy or ESP. Such experiments have raised some of the most interesting evidence for what we call the 'extended mind' the idea of our consciousness being able to exist 'outside' of our biological forms.

Further to this particular theory is the field of Gestalt psychology or the work of Rupert Sheldrake into Morphic Resonance. In basic terms, this theory looks into collective memory or interconnected telepathic-esque resonance between differing organisms. Thus, it theorises that morphogenetic fields are located outside of or 'around' the organism, an idea which ties in well to the aforementioned extended mind research. Thus, if consciousness can be proved to extend or exist independently of our physical forms; it opens the possibility of what we could call 'conscious existence after death'.

What kind of existence such an entity would entail is perhaps not fit for our current understanding. Yet when spiritualists speak of 'energy' fields, they are not necessarily as superannuated as you may think. Air; infra-sound; wireless communication countless forms of vibrational or metaphysical energy surround our lives every day. But are all forms of natural, invisible energy yet 'discovered' by the scientific world? It is folly to believe it is so.

The universe is so vast, so wonderfully beyond our scope of imagining, that our understanding of it hardly even registers against it's entirety. Interstellar phenomena such as black holes and quasars continue to push scientific research, while the nature of 'reality' is a question that may never be truly answered. For example, quantum behaviour such the quasi-famous Buckyball experiment have poised possibilities which threaten our very understanding of what is 'real'. What if not only one 'reality' exists, but every possible reality? This is not as magically-minded as debunkers may believe it is part of ongoing research into String Theory (and M-Theory) which may make up our very existence.

And what of 'time'? How can we be sure of what is normal and 'para' normal when our very idea of the world is built from man-made concepts of time. What is time? Does time even exist? Questions I do not dare ponder under such an informal discussion. Yet when (in very simplified terms) you gaze to the stars and see light which has taken numerable light-years to reach us, you are essentially peering into the past. Does your image, caught in the river of light and time, still 'exist' in the 'reality' of spacetime?

Thinking about the complexities; the mass of unknown yet allegedly existent phenomena which happens around us every day; surely much of the 'paranormal' is not so 'para' after all. Could not such phenomena as poltergeistal activity be anomalous PK or other such 'mental' inteference (many poltergeist cases include an unstable or emotionally intense circumstance/person).Could not the possibility of 'existence' after death, or even before birth, be entirely in course with the relative and unpredictable nature of our universe? It's a world where; when you think about it; anything is possible.

Refusal to believe any possibility is just as futile as willingness to believe every possibility.

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