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"The apprentice-discussion forum"

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Wed 04/04/07 at 22:28
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
I'm sure a fair few of you watch this program and probably enjoying it like me. Anyway, we can discuss the episode tonight was particualry ruthless and nasty.

The challenge was to create and promote a product for Dogs. The boys team (eclipse) came up with a utility belt (looking more like a sash or a miltary gear) and the girls (stealth) developed a doggie cupboard where you could store all your doggie goods, food, belts, clothes etc. 2 pretty dubious products, eclipses belt product was panned by the focus group (which prefered the other idea of a blanket that caught hairs and was machine washable). Another with questionable target market making it difficult or challenging to sell. Neverless, the girls won by a massive margin. For the boys, it was a double blow with 2 members of their team leaving.

My 2 cents: The project manager really was useless, he's creditenals really did hint at it already. Bankrupt twice and choose a pretty autocratic style that didn't rub very well nor was he any good at management either. A key problem was partially the project leaders personal pride and intergrity that made him such a lousy leader. Too proud to take advice, critism and thought he good enough to make effective decisons. He had no business acumin at all (hence the record)

Stating that you're the boss (as noted right at the start of the challenge) and you have all the power is foolish in business. Its the workers who get the job done and not the managers. Managers are the brains and ensures that they get the work done (In fairness, 2 sharks in the group would cause problems in the long run.). There were so many situations and key moments that could have been resolved but the project manager refused to listen to the most disruptive member of the group (tray?) who was giving some pretty valid pointers like the delay of the other members within the focus group. Nor was he very decisive in decison making and by the look of things made a half arsed commitment to things.

But that said, tray was very disruptive and a valid point that he likes to be in control and frequently antagonsitic. He seems to have the drive, motivation and force to win, but his blunt attitude and refusal to accept authority really makes him a liablity. To be fair to the project manager, whilst his product didn't win, there was still no guarentee that the other product would have beaten the girls mammouth victory despite the good feedback from the focus group. This wasn't helped by the fact that another team member acutally had a degree in product design and didn't contribute at all.

So whats your thoughts on tonights show. Any comments on the first show or next weeks one?
Wed 13/06/07 at 23:28
Posts: 5,659
Tre saved Simon in that task, he gave a lot of good ideas and advice. Simon's buliding was a lot better, so he deserved to win on that task.
Wed 13/06/07 at 22:03
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
spoonbeast wrote:
> christinas is probably going to win it. But everything i've said
> usually is wrong or destined to be wrong and jinx the outcome.
> Even those from the past!

Once again, i fulfil the prophercy that i will get the answer wrong and jinx the outcome of a show. Simon won it.
Wed 13/06/07 at 20:41
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Well, they both proved to be very entertaining, at least; it was Tre's attitude that killed his chances though, I can imagine him becoming greatly successful in the near future. Simon certainly does have the gift of the gab, and a sharp mind to boot.

Katie being fired from her day job? Pretty amusing, I guess the employers must have seen her true colours come out on TV and get sick of her!
Wed 13/06/07 at 20:14
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
Tre should have won, hes clearly the most capable, and in fairness, 70% of tasks won with huge contributions in each one? who wouldnt be arrogant?

Simon to win though, just coz he clearly knows so much about sir alan, that he cant fail to be impressed. Also the tramampoline trabampoline antics were awesome.

Tue 12/06/07 at 20:23
"Funky Gibon"
Posts: 473
I think if Alan Sugar needs a Prank Monkey then Simon is his man. For comedy values, his break dancing, the inappropriateness of the trampoline. However, I feel he will win.
Tue 12/06/07 at 12:52
Posts: 19,415
Apparently Katie has been fired from her 90k job and they even saID she wasnt even earning 90k.

Why does the Met Office need a brand consultant anyway? =S
Fri 08/06/07 at 22:04
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
I think it was because he thought too high of himself. Especially when he says he does international trade and has multiple offices throughout the world.
Fri 08/06/07 at 18:47
Posts: 33,481
I thought Tre had mellowed well over the coiurse of the series and definitely deserved to be in the final two over Tim (Tim? Simon then, just shows how much of an impression he's made!).

7/10 tasks won and it's easy to be arrogant when the people you're on the series with are mostly idiots.
Fri 08/06/07 at 15:35
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
christinas is probably going to win it. But everything i've said usually is wrong or destined to be wrong and jinx the outcome. Even those from the past!
Thu 07/06/07 at 20:47
Posts: 5,659
Geffdof wrote:
> Im glad Tre didnt get to the final. He had some good business
> skills, but he thought far too much of himself. There is a
> difference between confidence and arrogance. He was far to angry
> and defensive when questioned too. Sometime you need to admit
> defeat and move on but he had to much pride to do that.

Too much pride maybe, but good business accumen (sp?). As far as i'm concerned, Katie just couldn't be in the final because she's an ar**, Lohit wasn't good enough i'm afraid, and neither is Simon. Tre was definitely a better candidate than Simon Or Lohit, as proven by his contributions leading to success in the tasks. It should have been Tre Vs Christina. Simon's only in because he is very smart because of his priviliged upbringing. Agreed, Tre made a bit of a C*ck out of himself in that interview though, but he was still the stronger candidate.

By the way, they should have shown Katie that footage from the Bafta's when Richard Curtis said he wanted to kill her.

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