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"SonyEricsson T610"

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Tue 25/11/03 at 00:46
"High polygon count"
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I bought one last week.

What a wonderful little phone it is. Stunning.

It has a camera on it, but that's irrelevant as I have no-one to send MMS to. I did send a picture of my mum's dog to though. Basically I just bought it cos I like the phone.

My mate has a dodgy Nokia. Can't remember the model. It apparently supports MMS but he says he can't send them. I sent him one, and he never received it. Like I said - dodgy Nokia. Rubbish colour screen, too.

My T610 is lovely and clear. Wouldn't buy a Nokia if they were the last phone on Earth. And judging by sales of the N-Gage, other people are wising up too.

Amazing. Well done, Sony.

My phone's better than yours.

Unless you own a P800 or P900, that is.

That's it, I'm done.
Sat 20/12/03 at 10:40
"Rememba me?!"
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Ive got thr sony ericsson T310.Its also a very good mobile too.ive got the communicam and i can make is MMS enabled.
Wed 17/12/03 at 18:29
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oasismark wrote:
> what phone is that pic took from, it's really good quality

sharp gx20

it should be good quality when its £400 on pay as you go! I got it on contract though.
Wed 17/12/03 at 16:43
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
Don or†ega wrote:
> Get them free(well,+ your GPRS charges

I get 300 minutes free WAP every month! :-)
Wed 17/12/03 at 15:29
"as tha nowt moist?"
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what phone is that pic took from, it's really good quality
Wed 17/12/03 at 01:29
Posts: 15,579
WòókieeMøn§†€® wrote:
> Don or†ega wrote:
> pic of a m8 that i er....edited.
> Ooohhh, strange... it's not there any more!

Yeh, they deleted after a few mins for some strange reason!

This is the pic anyway (edited on the phone)
Wed 17/12/03 at 01:07
Posts: 15,579
dont pay for ringtones!

Get them free(well,+ your GPRS charges, but the midi files are so tiny anyway) by going on WAP here.

I've got about 60 on my phone from here :)

faves have gotta be Pulp fiction, mortal kombat (from the film), axel f, 50 cent - patiently waiting, prodigy-out of space, dj sammy - california dreaming
Tue 16/12/03 at 23:54
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
No probs.

Check out for some ringtones etc. at just 99p each. Some of the tones are good (just bought the Airwolf theme!), but the pictures are a bit on the small side for the T610 screen.
Tue 16/12/03 at 13:16
"360: swfcman"
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Thanks for the link to the cover Wookiee. Just ordered myself one.
Tue 16/12/03 at 02:13
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
Don or†ega wrote:
> pic of a m8 that i er....edited.

Ooohhh, strange... it's not there any more!
Tue 16/12/03 at 02:07
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
Absolutely love it!

And yes, a cover is a must. I bought one of the leather ones with it (Carphone Warehouse own brand, with all the usual cut-outs and stuff), but I found the belt clip made the phone too bulky. What's the point having a lovely slim phone like this and using a cover which doubles the thickness and weight, eh?

So I had a look around, and Carphone Warehouse do transparent covers which protect the phone while still showing off the good looks. Kinda like a very thick, taylor-made 'phone condom'.

Pop into your local store or have a look on the Carphone Warehouse website. It's made by Pama, and they're only available for certain phones, so make sure you get the right type!

Try pasting this link into your browser - it should take you directly to the right page: /gben-express-accessories-Accessories? prodid=YzTiLxPCLWcEe_x2U&make=ERI001&model=SET610 &PAGE=0&CATEGORY=ACCESSORIES&ORDER=Carry+Cases

(Remember to remove those spaces!)

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