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"Need for Speed Underground"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Need for Speed: Underground'.
Tue 13/01/04 at 12:29
Posts: 890
I dont get it. I have been playin the game for about a week. Have had loads of car upgrades and won loads of races. I sold my Subura Impeza (which was about my 6th car i think) and yet i still cant buy any decent frikkin wheels.

I have loads of money but cant buy the wheels as they are 'currently locked'.
How long does it take to unlock the decent wheels??!!! I cant buy anything above 17s. Help! Thanks.
Sun 08/02/04 at 03:36
Posts: 18,487
you just got it and you are already looking for cheats?
practise and stop bloody cheating
Sun 08/02/04 at 03:32
Posts: 3
Hey what's up my name is lonnie and i just got need for speed underground, and i looked up some cheats for it and one of the cheats said unlimited nitrious, and it told me to enter the code at the main menue and i did but it just went to where ever it was at. if you know how to do you just tell me becaue i am on 93 and i cant get pas it. HELP!!!!!
Sat 07/02/04 at 18:53
Posts: 111
Im on level 102 and the Skyline BECOMES the best, bt the Mazda mx5 is the best for drifting. :-)
Tue 03/02/04 at 21:15
"Cigar smoker"
Posts: 7,885
Valentino Rossi wrote:
> not biast there Jive ?

Me .... biased .... with owning such a car ..... NEVER :D
Tue 03/02/04 at 21:11
"Dont come here ofte"
Posts: 4,264
Jive wrote:
> Whoever said the Supra is rubbish needs a smack round the head :)
> Lovely once you get the hang of it.

not biast there Jive ?
Tue 03/02/04 at 21:00
"Cigar smoker"
Posts: 7,885
Mellisa? Absolutely no idea :|

Babe at the end of the game?

The bird who talks to you at the start of the game?

Never did catch her name.
Tue 03/02/04 at 20:22
Posts: 4,686
Completed it today.

Who the hell is Melissa?
Mon 02/02/04 at 21:31
"Cigar smoker"
Posts: 7,885
Now on race 84 Lap Knock Out - which we all know is a complete PITA :|

Nath, get on and start playing it.
Mon 02/02/04 at 19:43
"  "
Posts: 7,549
Darkus wrote:
> Im stuck on some nasty 6 lap endurance race. Is about race number 73?
> Keep losing on the last lap. The other cars seem to turn into frikkin
> knight rider on the last lap...

"Who's got endurance?"? I've been putting off playing the whole game for about a week so I don't have to attempt it ;o)
Tue 27/01/04 at 09:42
"Cigar smoker"
Posts: 7,885
Ooo methinks I've overtaken you Darkus, yep that 6 lapper is a complete nightmare! I found the best way is you need to get a couple of decent laps in at the start, put a bit of a gap between the pack, the last couple of laps have to be done almost to perfection with a bit of cautious driving cos any slight bumps into scenery or traffic and they catch up straight away :(

Save the NOS till the last stretch just in case.

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