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"Fave Zelda moments"

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Wed 07/04/04 at 00:28
"Its all me,me,me,me"
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There are some absolute classics! Some of which made the 64 the console it was!

Weve discussed a few in the majoras vs ocarina post but this post is concentrated on those absolutely fantastic moments which have made the series what it is.

A few of my Faves are:

The rebirth of the Deku tree in ocarina of time! When we thought that the Great deku tree was no more, up pops the cute little deku scrub! classic!

recieving the Zoras mask in Majoras mask and learning the New wave bossa nova. Easily one of the best zelda tunes ever and the zora mask was easily the best mask to feature in any of the games!

Being rescued from the forbidden fortress by the dragon and the prince in the Windwaker! easily one of the best cutscenes in the entire game! It was great seeing Gannons tower getting torched at the end.

Just a few of my personal faves. Whos got some better ones?
Wed 27/10/04 at 19:15
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Lol, no worries :)
Wed 27/10/04 at 18:31
"Its all me,me,me,me"
Posts: 1,055
tphi wrote:
> Pringle, how many pages did you have to go back to dig up this ancient
> thread? :P

hmmm....think it was about 10! ha ha well i thought it was relevant to the original topic and i remembered writing it so i thought i might aswell rumage around and rekindle it...
Wed 27/10/04 at 14:45
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Pringle, how many pages did you have to go back to dig up this ancient thread? :P
Wed 27/10/04 at 13:30
"Previously Vampyr"
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i sold mario1 and mario 2, boxed with instrucions for the GB for 40. score. (ppl on eBay other retail website are available are silly)
Tue 26/10/04 at 23:52
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I want to make a film out of Link's Awakening.

Obviously I wouldn't use much of the game because that would make a rubbish film, just the main idea of it.

I would do it justice.
Tue 26/10/04 at 19:21
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I hope to get some Zelda nostaligia in this game, like that feeling when you entered the styalised black and white area of the temple under the sea in Wind Waker.

I have both oracle games, all nicely boxed??

18 you say?

Think I'd rather keep them.
Tue 26/10/04 at 19:07
"Ow Yer"
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Pringle28 sed befor sumthing about why windwaker will never be better than OOT 1 of the major resons this is,is because in OOT you a kool flute thing(cant spell it cant be botherd to find out how)and in wind waker you get a stick.................yep a stick
Tue 26/10/04 at 15:32
"Its all me,me,me,me"
Posts: 1,055
I dug out some old dusty GB games yesterday and luckily enough found all the boxes and manuals to go with them.

Plodded down to town with them to see how much they were worth on the trade in price. The usual prices of 2-3 for most but then out of sheer disbelief the two zelda oracle games I had were worth 18 each in cash!! The bloke in the shop told me they were really hard to get hold of now and fetched there original retail price in most high street shops.

I wonder why there are so few copies of these games as they wernt particulary bad and i thorougghly enjoed completeing both and linking the two up at the end via passwords. They were quite popular at the time of release as I think it was Capcoms first zelda outing.

Anyone else played either seasons or ages? what do you think?
Mon 05/07/04 at 23:31
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Catherine? Oh yes. I remember her..



Mon 05/07/04 at 22:28
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My favourite Zelda moment is when someone tells me how to use that bloody raft thing to get across rivers on the first game...

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