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"Some upcoming 360 titles of interest."

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Tue 09/01/07 at 17:46
Posts: 33,481
Shadowrun [30/03/07] - Looks frickin' sweet. An FPS with magic and some seriously cool looking effects. Online only too so you know all the effort's gone into the online, by default. Also: Flying, teleportation, fireballs... hoo hoo!

The Darkness [30/03/07] - This also looks amazing. Being able to pick up and throw cars with your darkness powers looks great, really like the look of the whole setup where you have to power up in the dark to bring about your evil little minions.

Crackdown [23/02/07] - This looks like a metropolis straight out of 2000AD. Big cartoony (graphic novel) graphics, loads of over-the-top things to do and a big free space to do them in. Can't wait!

Bioshock [24/08/07] - Ripping apart the FPS and re-building it piece by piece. Very Deus-Ex. Intriguing AI system based around the living city. Moral choices are left up to the player. You can get creatures to fight each other and slip-by un-noticed or finish off the winner. Heavily interactive environment too. Modify your own weapons and yourself too seeing at it's heavily based upon genetic modification. You can shutdown and hijack offensive bots to defend you. Creatures behave dynamically, they're trying to avoid scripted events with this. It's non-linear so there's plenty of places to explore. Basically: one of this year's must have titles.

Battlestations Midway [23/02/07] - This looks fun, plenty of playable craft (not just planes it seems) and it seems as if the delay has been used to add plenty more detail to it over it's nearest rivals (Over-G, Blazing Angels).

Assassins Creed [01/07/07] - A Medieval Splinter Cell with added crowd gimmic. The plot's shrouded in secrecy but it should do the business. Like the 'removed finger replaced with dagger' idea too. Freerunning concept is cool, plenty of bits to climb it seems - wonder how limited it'll actually be in the finished product. Really nice looking sword-fighting and a spicy level of difficulty to combat too it seems (but what else would you expect from a stealth game from Ubisoft?)

Mass Effect [30/03/07] - KOTOR meets Deus Ex meets Babylon 5. This is looking great especially with the Full Spectrum Warrior style battles.

Stranglehold [1/03/07] - Midway's Max Payne with super destruction and added moves. This should atleast be a great rental but hopefully there's more depth to it than it currently seems to have. Seems to be a lot less 'walk into a room' than Max Payne - the fighting seems to flow a lot better rather than Max Payne's stops and starts - more targets and more room for on-the-fly tactics equals more fun in my book.

Kindom Under Fire: Circle of Doom [TBA] - 4 player co-op over live. More of a hack and slasher than the previous games but don't expect the strategy elements to be completely non-existant.
Sun 24/06/07 at 20:32
Posts: 33,481
It's Pikmin crossed with Dungeon Keeper, looks cool.


Metronome has been put into limbo due to not finding a publisher. Hopefully MS will grab it and use it to fill next summer's gap like they did with Earth Defence Force and Vampire's Rain this time around.
Sun 24/06/07 at 17:18
"Copyright: FM Inc."
Posts: 10,338
Overlord gets released 5 days from now. If you haven't tried the demo on Marketplace I highly recommend it. It's a bit like Fable except you're a bit more limited from a combat point of view plus you can't be good or evil, just evil or more evil, which is pretty neat.

Once you get the hang of controlling your minions then taking out a herd of sheep in a whirlwind of violence can be very satisfying so I've got this on my 'to get' list for this Friday.

IGN say the full game lasts 15-20 hours offline and there isn't all that much to do online, but Overlord and Forza 2 should keep me going until Two Worlds (July 20th) or Mass Effect (October 5th) and Fable 2 (October 30th) finally hit the shelves.

(If they arrive later than expected I guess I'll try and grab some achievements outstanding from my old games).
Tue 24/04/07 at 00:02
Posts: 33,481
Mass Effect's looking like September now.
Thu 19/04/07 at 10:53
Posts: 7
gta 6, resident evil 5 and the club.
you guys should get these games when they are released because they are awesome!
Sat 14/04/07 at 21:27
Posts: 4,686
Could realy do with a GAD - although I got paid tons and have a wicked discount on games, I still would like something for next to nothing :D

Pre-ordered Forza 2, Spiderman 3 and C&C 3 today. Guess I'll have about a tenner on my points card when I buy them all.
Thu 12/04/07 at 12:52
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
hm. Freeola have been very kind and given me another GAD, so I can get it now. Yey!

If I win any more, I'm going to have to get some more toys for my kids, I think. Too many games to play (though I still have a list a mile long of new games I want!)
Thu 12/04/07 at 11:54
Posts: 4,686
And news just in from my manager, sounds like there will be a Guitar Hero 3 in November for both consoles...

And next year, Rock Hero will be out and will have a similar game play but with drums. MTV have boutght in (and unfortunately EA have a finger in this pudding) so the songs will be licensed.

Looking good for the future. And of course, the effects pedal and online mode for GH2...
Wed 11/04/07 at 15:20
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
I've got the original on the PS2 so I think I'll wait for a price drop on the 360 version before I decide on getting it. Excellent fun games though.
Wed 11/04/07 at 14:58
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I've seen reviews from people who play guitar and it seems different enough to warrant buying the game. It's very tongue-in-cheek so there are lots of metal/rock in-jokes...
Wed 11/04/07 at 14:41
Posts: 9,995
It sounds good but I would feel stupid playing it seeing as I already own an electric guitar. Did you know heart Shaped Box is easier to play in real life?

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