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"The Chicken Or The egg?"

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Thu 28/12/06 at 11:20
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Surely the chicken must have come first. I feel that a creature before the chicken must have evolved slightly, creating a egg laying animal. This is because when I turn the question around I see that the egg must have come from somewhere - right?!
Sat 10/03/07 at 11:42
Posts: 285
Did anyone see that new documentary last night! It was so wierd! About all these ghosts and big marshmellow men-one was huge! It was called ghost busters or something like that.....I recommend.
Thu 22/02/07 at 16:57
Posts: 285
.................oh dear.............
Wed 21/02/07 at 19:55
"Hi five"
Posts: 8
Oi.. the turkey came first
Wed 21/02/07 at 18:43
"Mighty Strathmore"
Posts: 241
mybe it is like jurassuc park where they found some animal DNA, tried to fill in the gaps with another animals DNA(a egg laying one) and created a chicken. Or something like that
Wed 21/02/07 at 17:58
Posts: 285
talk ppl :D
Sat 17/02/07 at 23:22
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Isnt there a film of the bible? Called gangs of Newyork? =D
Wed 14/02/07 at 22:35
Posts: 9,995
God is awesome, he created the world in the dark.

Moses is awesome too, he poured hot metal down people's throats ^-^

The Bible's pretty fun to read, so much violence and sex.
Wed 14/02/07 at 20:38
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I think we clearly label Geffdof as the 'holy man'

=D Well done Geffdof, you actually have brought up some interesting things in this thread, so have the rest of you. I was quite chuffed to see how well the topic was going.
Wed 14/02/07 at 19:48
Posts: 33,481
Geffdof wrote:
> Genesis 2:7 the LORD God formed the man from dust of the ground
> and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man
> became a living being.

And that includes women, no? women have eggs therefore the egg came before the chicken.

> Genesis 2:19 Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all
> the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air.

I wouldn't desribe chickens as beasts and they're pretty much flightless so chickens don't really fall into the beasts of the ground or birds of the air. Looks like they might've been in a different category that came later.

and if they came later then the snake eggs probably came first.
Wed 14/02/07 at 19:44
Posts: 33,481
Geffdof wrote:
> Yes, God created snakes which then went on to lay eggs. He didnt
> make a load of snake eggs which would hatch at a later date,
> according to the bible.

But did the snakes come befofe the chickens? I don't remember any mention of chickens in the garden of Eden.

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