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"Final fantasy timeline?!"

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Tue 24/08/04 at 17:40
"Its all me,me,me,me"
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I was recently looking for an RPG for my PC and decided to buy the ancient but amazing FInal Fantasy 7 from ebay. I loved it and got incredibly hooked on the story line, however I have now reached the Chocobo race and my computer freezes and the screen goes black. There is no possible way to solve the problem as the final fantasy 7 helpline has now closed down. I therefore decided that the only way to complete the game is to buy a PS2 and do it that way. so i have now got myself a PS2 solely for playing final fantasy!

I would really like to know what order the games are supposed to be in as I have almost come to the end of FF7 and am looking to carry on untill i get to the most recent game. Would someone please tell me the order using both numbers and roman numerals to explain. I will appreciate any helpfull posts...
Wed 06/10/04 at 18:52
"Brooklyn boy"
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Kevnuke wrote:
> But anyway,
> i'd say that FF: Tactics' twisting storyline is nothing to shake a
> stick at.

Hmmm a newbie in the Sony forum talking sense? Miracles do happen then.

Indeed it does, tis a very good storyline, i actually enjoyed it more than FF7. The Battle of the Roses was apparently the basis of it if you listen to what they say on gamefaqs. I can see how they came to that conclusion
Wed 06/10/04 at 18:49
"too short to use"
Posts: 2
hey puddleface, you may want to pick up FF: Origins for PSX, it has FF1 and [email protected] on it. And even if you don't like it, it's still a collector's item. I was surprised at how much fun it was to play the old versions after being bombarded with 16bit+ graphics for so many years.(I still wake up from nightmares in a cold sweat.) But anyway, i'd say that FF: Tactics' twisting storyline is nothing to shake a stick at. Then again the only FF games i've played all the way through are Tactics and 10. I hope to collect them all one day and play them one at a time in order.(even the ones i've already beat)
Mon 04/10/04 at 13:21
Posts: 127
I donīt think theres a timeline for Final Fantasy because evey game has itīs own story and the games takes place in other worlds(unlike Final Fantasy X-2)
Mon 20/09/04 at 17:06
"Its all me,me,me,me"
Posts: 1,055
rite, so thats the difficulties? which game has the best storyline? Havent got far enough into any of them to be able to judge yet...
Thu 16/09/04 at 22:04
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Squall wrote:
> O.k, just asking that is all.

Jost joxing.
Thu 16/09/04 at 21:45
"America, _ yeah!!"
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O.k, just asking that is all.
Thu 16/09/04 at 21:41
"Got any carrots?"
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I went back to play some of the FF games. First off was the greatness of FF7, by far my favourite. However having loaded up FF8 again, I expected it to be better, but the graphics are just awful (I played this game ages ago, but I dont remember it being this bad. I played FF9 alongside my PS2 games when it came out, and it turned out better than most PS2 games i had at the time.

In order for me...


Havnt has the privilage of playing any others.
Thu 16/09/04 at 21:38
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How dare you!

I am the almighty Coin!

Formerly known by such magnificent titles as Messy, si_enix, Sylphetic, Toxic, strawberrymilkshake and, amongst others to old / ugly to defile this page with, Prawn_Star.

Now if ya don't remember me it's because I post sporadically.

Not because I'm lazy.

Just because I'm too cool.

Nah, I'm lazy.
Thu 16/09/04 at 21:30
"America, _ yeah!!"
Posts: 2,214
Its the same person.

And who are you? I've not seen you post much on here until recently.
Thu 16/09/04 at 21:28
Posts: 4,899
Look Waka ain't Witch-King!

Look at the tagline...

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