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Sun 19/09/04 at 12:30
"bit of a brain"
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If you don't buy this game then you are stupid/poor. It is clearly the best game on the Gamecube. That is all.
Mon 25/10/04 at 06:17
"everyone says it"
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Hope ya'll liked me review for the game on Cube-Europe :)
Sun 24/10/04 at 21:51
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munn be wishing he had picked Priest Holmes as his running back.

139 rushing yards
41 receiving yards
4 touchdowns

41 points he would have earned.

Sun 24/10/04 at 15:57
Posts: 11,038
They're both working now.
EDIT:[Well most of the time, I need to make sure I exit and let it Autosave every so often, as it (being Minicamp) crashes every so often still. I need to send my GC off to get fixed, but I can't be bothered not playing any game :-( )
I've played a few of the mini-camp drills and situations, though, rather than working on all of them, I'm working on them one by one trying to get gold up to All-Madden level.
SO far the only All_Madden golds I've got are Chase and Tackle and Clutch Kicking.
I haven't actually tried all madden for anything though.
Currently struggling a bit getting Gold on teh Trench Fighting drills.
As for Football 101, I tried out a few passing plays, I understand them a bit more, although often I don't use the Primary Receiver routes as they're well guarded, and otehr players are well open.

I played Washington last night, I tried playing someone else in the eraly hours of the morning, but couldn't complete a quarter, so I went to bed.

I started off well against Washington, an interception against them returned for a touchdown in the first minute, and a forced a fumble with a punt for turnovers.
A few screwups though, they punted it to me, and my receiver ran away from where the ball should be going. I signalled for a fair catch, but didn't get back in time and missed it, so they scored a TD.
Also, I managed to punt it out at their 3 yard line or so, and so I blitzed them aiming for a Safety, but the QB got a pass off quickly and the receiever took it up to about my 30 yard line where they later scored a touchdown.

Not bad for me though, final score 42-28 (to me)
Sat 23/10/04 at 22:47
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Football 101 and mini camp are both really useful. The running back drill in mini camp will really help you in running the ball, and the QB passing accuracy drill should help you with your timing so you don't throw so many interceptions.
Sat 23/10/04 at 18:51
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I can't.


There's something wrong with my Gamecube meaning that the majority of my games crash, and I have't gotten around to fixing it/getting a new one.

This means that Franchise mode crashes when I play it. In fact, most modes crash.
The mini camp modes crash, so does tournament, and the 101 Training bit.

Quick game is about the only part I can enjoy.

I'll be testing the copy at my mates house next week though.
I only have one mate with a GC to try it on, but he lives in a different town from me, and transport isn't all that easy.

That and the fact that almost all of my games crash, and I keep them in perfect condition means that I can't play most games without it crashing.

It deeply upsets me, but then I remember that I'm having so much fun in Madden and I've only played 10% of it.
Sat 23/10/04 at 17:53
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
you should play franchise.
Sat 23/10/04 at 13:35
Posts: 11,038
I'm fine on pro, I win the majority of my games, but on All-Pro I'm crap.

Knowing my luck I've changed it to All-Madden mode.

But seriously, I throw to an open receiver, by open I mean no-one near him for at least 10 yards, and then zip, somebody jumps in and intercepts it, yet, when I pass to a receiver with 3 seconds left on the clock, who is surrounded by three opposing players, the ball sneaks through a hole, he catches it, and I score a 70 yard touchdown pass.

Needless to say, I saved that replay.

I'll probably do better if I stop playing the Colts, Eagles, Patriots and Panthers.

I'll start with the Browns.
Sat 23/10/04 at 00:18
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
PLay on Rookie is my advice. You clearly aren't ready for the big leagues.
Fri 22/10/04 at 23:48
Posts: 23,695
By the sounds of this, munn, you're absolutely awful at Madden.
Fri 22/10/04 at 22:22
Posts: 11,038
So, I tweaked my roster a bit, and by a bit, I mean I totally revamped it, and still managed to stay above the cap limit.

That would be because there are plenty of players on low cost contracts on other teams, and loads on highish cost contracts in Seattle.
For example, I got McNabb in exchange for Dilfer, who isn't even my 1st pick QB, and lost hardly anything.

However, McNabb does not fare well in a Seattle Uniform.

Against the Panthers, he threw 14, 14!!!! Interceptions, only completed 2 passes, and 3 others were incomplete.

I tried running plays, but Alexander was flattened, and I didn't have many chances to do better, as the Panthers kept intercepting it.
In fact, I only got 5 first downs in the entire game, which I'm amazed with, but unfortunately, they were all in one drive, and I didn't even make a touchdown.

Final score, 52-3

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