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"When you die.."

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Thu 29/09/05 at 19:59
"Not a Jew"
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what are you going to have done with your body? Buried, cremated or donated to science? I'll probably be buried, cremation doesn't appeal to me nor does having my cadaver used to test rifle velocities with. What about those of you that don't belong to a church or similar? Are there public cemeteries or anything? I actually have no idea.
Thu 06/10/05 at 22:40
Posts: 94
When i die i don't want to be cremated, i want to be nice give an organ or two, but only 1 kidney and 1 lung, stuff that i wouldn't need in life. i think i'm a little supersticous but oh well.

I want to be buried, good old viking burial, not the out to sea stuff, but when you get buried with everything you own including you wife horse and pets and stuff, so first i'd get a wife, then a horse and a new pet, then i can die in peice.
Thu 06/10/05 at 02:00
Posts: 4,199
I want my cold, naked body to be fired into a black hole where, I'm assuming, I'll be able to live in eternal bliss.
Wed 05/10/05 at 19:01
"In Soviet Russia..."
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Kentucky Fried Hedfix!
Wed 05/10/05 at 14:18
Posts: 33,481
Cremation. If I'm somehow aware of my surroundings it'll be quicker than being devoured by worms etc.
Tue 04/10/05 at 21:44
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
Did anyone see that fool that got buried in a glass coffin and had 3 tonnes of cement poured on top of him? (A stunt) I'm not sure what he was trying to prove, but it collpased on him anyway. Don't think he died though.
Tue 04/10/05 at 21:42
Posts: 1,625
Chr1s wrote:
> Cremation, definitely.
> The prospect of waking up inside a coffin with a couple of tonnes of
> dirt on top of you isn't worth the risk. I know it's highly unlikely
> to happen, but people have been buried alive before.

It's a scary thought - although if you're getting embalmed before you're getting buried then that stuff will kill you off anyway. If you're going to wake up, you'll wake up on the embalming slab too. Not all graves have six foot of earth thrown on top either - most graves i have seen are tomb type graves where you could pop the lid of the coffin and then have a bit of space between the coffin and the roof of the tomb - which is made up of stone flags. Chances are if you're fit enough to get out of your coffin, you're fit enough to bust out of the tomb. You could always bet buried with a mobile phone if you were really worried - just make sure the phones not on T-Mobile, or you'll be wasting your time!
Sun 02/10/05 at 20:25
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Let's do a test!
Sun 02/10/05 at 19:07
Posts: 18,185
I'm not going to die.

Don't believe it's true.
Sun 02/10/05 at 17:04
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Before or after death?
Sun 02/10/05 at 09:20
Posts: 3,522
I wouldn't mind being used as a crash dummy.

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