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"Freeola email - onging issue."

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Thu 22/10/09 at 13:43
"Are you sure?"
Posts: 5,000
Hi Freeola,
Obviously I'm aware of the current email service status that you have posted.

One of my contacts has just let me know that when writing to me yesterday they initially received a warning message last night to say that the email was still waiting to be delivered after 4 hours - and no action was required.

Then this morning they had another message saying that the message could not be delivered!?

They re-sent their email again around 7.30am and it's recently arrived.

Thought it was worth a mention. Does that mean that some emails have been 'bounced'?
Sun 01/11/09 at 14:04
Staff Moderator
"Freeola Ltd"
Posts: 3,299
He really does like it. :D

Any info you need about your specific requirements let us know, and we can try and provide :)
Sun 01/11/09 at 13:27
"Are you sure?"
Posts: 5,000
Scott.Constantine wrote:
> Talking of Freeola's components, what's the site hosting service
> here like?

I like it! :)

NB. For their standard hosting you need to use a Freeola connection (ADSL/Dialup) - I'm on their ADSL service.

Or you can pay for web freedom/VIP hosting 3.49 + VAT PM.
Sun 01/11/09 at 12:54
Posts: 16
Talking of Freeola's components, what's the site hosting service here like?
Sat 31/10/09 at 14:04
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Wasn't working this morning but it seems fine now.

Thanks mate.
Sat 31/10/09 at 09:53
"Look! There's a..."
Posts: 430
Hey Pete,

Yes the message would have been along those lines - basically the POP server was rejecting log in attempts regardless of the details entered. It was resolved fairly quickly yesterday morning though so I would have thought you'd have no issues.........

If you are still getting the error message, make sure that the password you are entering matches the one shown in the view/edit email addresses section of your MyFreeola account.

As long as that's the case you should have no issues, if you do just let us know either on here or via a support ticket - though we'll send replies to your email address that way so that might not be the best idea!
Fri 30/10/09 at 23:08
"I like turtles"
Posts: 5,368
Hi Guys,

I keep getting a message saying my password is incorrect :

There was a problem logging onto your mail server. Your Password was rejected. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR Login failed.', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC92

but its not incorrect ?,Tried putting it in again to make sure but it made no difference.Is this kind of the same problem everyone else as had or is mine a different one ?.
Fri 30/10/09 at 14:48
Staff Moderator
"Freeola Ltd"
Posts: 3,299
Aye. We are inundated with calls after any POP issue because of that. Well how many are that compared to how many people just put in the wrong info.....

The changes didn't effect the POP server so it wouldn't have made any major difference.

However the smtp servers do seem to be working better after the changes. Almost no notifications that any are down/full.
Fri 30/10/09 at 14:39
"Are you sure?"
Posts: 5,000
ncrs wrote:
> If you've not received by this point, I doubt if you'll receive
> anything, though it's still not impossible.

> As far as the MX servers go, looks like the move and changes that
> were made, have improved stability substantially, as the servers
> seem to be going offline less frequently than previously (
> previously there was usually at least one server withdrawing
> itself from the pool every half hour or so for a few minutes).
> In practice this will probably not be noticeable at the user end,
> as MX servers are designed to be redundant anyway.

FYI Unfortunately the few emails that I know about never did arrive :(
Users were using BT and Mailbox for your info in case it helps you in the future.

NB. I was hoping the changes might have put a stop to the problems experienced this morning.

Microsoft should really change the way their Outlook error message is issued. The 'focus' is automatically put in the password box. So a user pounding away in Word etc. ends up splatting the password if they don't hit cancel! Obviously causing more issues later...
Mon 26/10/09 at 09:35
Posts: 1,014
Yeah but the bottom line is if this was planned maintanence to move servers of any kind and not put a plan in place to cover it and as a result customers have lost mail I think thats pretty poor service - dont ya think? I know this happened recently with a web server as we had to re upload the Riding for disabled web site as every thing on that server had been lost, not sure how many other customers that affected? but again I dont think that this should be the way to do things?

Sun 25/10/09 at 14:53
"Devil in disguise"
Posts: 3,151
I think the defaults on sendmail, postfix and qmail are 5 days. So if you say most of the internet tries to deliver email for 5 days you wouldnt be too far wrong I suppose.

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