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"Wales vs England"

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Fri 02/09/05 at 21:35
Posts: 10,009
0-2 to England.

But Sven will change the formation before the Ireland game because he want's to "experiment".

Like he's not been doing that since he took over.
Sun 04/09/05 at 22:00
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Smedlos wrote:
> Then again Dougherty and his board are running the club...........

Bah. Don't get me started on bad boards. We're lucky we've got a club at all this season.
Sun 04/09/05 at 21:56
Posts: 10,009
Dunno how they get away with it.

25,000+ attendance in the Championship, 15,000 odd in League 1. Can't all be down to relegation.

Drop the prices and get the attendances up, more people behind the team means more likely to get back at the first time of asking.

Then again Dougherty and his board are running the club...........
Sun 04/09/05 at 21:53
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152

25? Ouch. 8 for Students in the Conference :-D
Sun 04/09/05 at 21:51
Posts: 10,009
I only go to big local games.

Forest vs Derby was the last one which unfortunately won't happen this season.

25 quid for a League 1 match - not likely!
Sun 04/09/05 at 21:46
Posts: 11,038
I've only ever been to games with my dad, but I've never been able to hold a conversation with him because of the noise.

Well, from what I can remember.

I haven't been in years and years.

I'd take a good Scotland, Rangers-Celtic/Aberdeen or European match any day, but most of teh rest aren't as great, although the last one I went to against Dundee united had a lot of bookings, a penalty, a fight, a sending off (or two) and 3 goals, I think.

It was great.
Sun 04/09/05 at 21:32
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Live games are fantastic but I've got no problem with being an armchair fan at all. Best football match experience I've ever had? Champions League final. Around 10 of us all rooting for Liverpool + lots of beer. Obviously that was aided by the drama of the match itself but still.

You're wrong about banter at a live match though munn, tis more than possible. Anyway, I would (and do) take a live match over a TV match any day, but I'm lucky in the respect that the team I support has affordable ticket prices (and are rarely televised :-D)
Sun 04/09/05 at 20:46
Posts: 11,038
Oh of course, people who were actaully there seen it in rela life, so they know how it actually happened and won't fall fould to camera trickery which shows the ball position and player position so closely that it feels like you're a player watching the game in slow motion, whereas the fans at the game seen ti properly, so they know what REALLY happened, and how good the game really was.
Sun 04/09/05 at 20:44
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
The average footy fan's who are at the game > all of Sky Sports tv cameras and experts.

Take that Mr Gray
Sun 04/09/05 at 20:38
Posts: 11,038
Oh of course, that's right, last time I was at a game I knew about the team and how well they played much better than when I stayed at home, watched it and then watched the in-depth match analysis afterwards.

Good point.
Sun 04/09/05 at 20:37
Posts: 4,686
Best football match I've seen was Czech Republic - Holland with about 10 friends in a tiny room.

Was fantastic, five supported each team and there was lots of drinks and central heating.

Good times

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