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"You and me both, mate"

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Wed 17/08/05 at 15:52
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I'm with Ricardo on this one. Leaving aside the fact he's in my fantasy football team - Last season, 3rd best central defender in the Premiership behind Terry and Carragher. He's pacy, can pass well, got a good head on him and tackles like a demon. He's better than William Gallas.

Not that I'm saying Gallas is a bad defender, far from it. I'd love it if his rumoured transfer to 'Pool had actually happened. But he's not as good as Carvalho, not by a long shot.

So, me and Carvalho are united in our confusion at the tactics of Jose.If it was just to give Gallas some playing time so he'd stop crying like a big Gallic baby all the time, I'd understand. But (1) He'd have told Carvalho and (2) Jose doesn't pander to player's whiney little protests, good man.

So, I ask you, why has he been dropped? I want clean sheet points. Carvalho, my friend, I must transfer you from my team. But I love Portugal, I have been there many times. You shall be straight back once Jose stops taking the crazy Francophile pills.

In the mean time...make your cases for my team, messers Del Horno/Carragher/Ashley Cole
Sun 21/08/05 at 22:18
Posts: 16,548
Don't go using biological terms, Blankster. I know you don't have a clue what an allele is.

Neither do I, actually. But I should.
Sun 21/08/05 at 20:35
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Blank wrote:
> Actually, I think Arsenal have just bought Recessive Allele. Senegal
> international I hear.

Heheheh :-)
Sun 21/08/05 at 20:28
Posts: 11,024
Actually, I think Arsenal have just bought Recessive Allele. Senegal international I hear.
Sun 21/08/05 at 20:23
Posts: 4,686
He would, it would just come out as

"zezezzize allele"

because he just puts in random Zs when not needed
Sun 21/08/05 at 20:22
Posts: 5,953
Blank wrote:
> recessive allele

I know his English is good but I really don't think he'd be able to say that. In fact, I don't think any of the English born managers would say that either.
Sun 21/08/05 at 20:19
Posts: 10,009
Joe Cole must be a bit fed up, played for England in the week and not even on the subs bench today
Sun 21/08/05 at 20:14
Posts: 11,024
Mourinho has so many players to choose from, he's just looking for an excuse to use them. The Premiership is like his Pro Evo master league now.

"You clear your throat while I'm speaking? Off the team. No, I don't care if you have a genetic disease caused by a recessive allele that can't possibly be your fault and if you don't caugh every couple of minutes you'll spasm, off the team. Carlton, your turn in the starting eleven. Oh, sorry, was that you Didier? Thought it was Hernan for a minute there, no don't worry, your place is assured."
Sun 21/08/05 at 19:20
Posts: 4,345
Chelsea fan.

Gallas is quicker. And is less likely to make stupid mistakes (like when Riccy managed to let Collins John beat him and score).

Stats from last season show the Terry-Gallas partnership conceded 1 goal in 18 games last season.

Although I think Carvalho is great at making interceptions and stuff, I'll always have a soft spot for Willie because he's been here ages, and has always been great and played well at left back for most of last season.

From what I've seen so far Del Horno is awesome, and Essien looked quite nifty today (given that I'd never seen him play before).
Sat 20/08/05 at 04:03
"5 European Cups!!!"
Posts: 5,795
I can't allow Carvalho - he has inexcusable hair.
Sat 20/08/05 at 00:50
Posts: 15,579
Stryke wrote:
There isn't a faster defender in the Premiership
> than Carvalho.


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