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Tue 26/10/04 at 09:05
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w00t :D
Tue 02/11/04 at 12:09
"gsybe you!"
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Also, ratings are opinion.

I mean, I'd give Vice City 7/10 at best. But I'd give OOT a 9.9 anyday.
Tue 02/11/04 at 11:15
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Thing is though SSX (welcome back btw!) for game to score 9.9 it would have to be almost perfect in every sense, and GTA isn't. The graphics are sub-standard, the collision detection is off, I also still think the aiming is awkward and at times the voiceovers on missions are muffled etc, gameplay wise it's fine but it's like giving Halo 2 9.9 with a messed up framrate and collision detection probs, it wouldn't happen so why with GTA? I'm sure IGN failed to mention the terrible FR probs that in my mind do detract from the gameplay. I love the game but I think it's shown how hard it's pushed the PS2 to it's limits.
Tue 02/11/04 at 09:54
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The only down side for me lies with the visuals. This is also where Killzone has fallen over by the looks of it.

Everything else is pretty damn faultless but on this basis alone I fail to see how it can score 9.9. It is really picky once you go over 9.5 but where the gameplay for my is a 9.7/9.8 I feel that the visual content brings this down to 9.4/9.5.

For this reason alone I can not wait for the PS3, San Andreas is an absolutely stunning game and if they keep this formula, a few gameplay additions and a visual re-vamp; well, it won't really get any better.
Tue 02/11/04 at 08:54
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I don't know if anybody saw it, but at the Olympics, in the gymnastics, there was a guy in the all round competition that went on to the bars, and did the most fantastic display. It was quite incredible, but because he was so adventurous, he made a few small slips.

The judges looked at these small slips, and began deducting marks. Even with a high starting value, these little mistakes made the score tumble down, and in fact, the guy actually got a relatively low score (which really didn't please the crowd). Afterwards, there was a discussion about the way the competition was judged - could they be doing things wrong considering how spectacular his display was?

GTA: San Andreas does the same thing - it goes much further than any other game, and tries to go for the big spectacular moves. If we deducted marks for every little slip in the framerate and every tiny glitch then it could indeed score 9.3 or another of the scores suggested below, but its done so much more, and achieved so many higher targets that I think IGN are quite justified in awarding a 9.9.
Mon 01/11/04 at 22:35
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I'll give it 9.9 outta 10.

Got the gameplay, got the lifespan, got the value.

Sure, the graphics aren't MGS2 quality, but given the size and sheer ammount of custimization, it's morth than worthy of the PS2.

Anyhoo, I hate the analogue stick.
Mon 01/11/04 at 21:41
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9.3 would be a fair score I rekon, it's got too many graphical faults for my liking, but to be fair to rockstair they've squeezed the life out of the PS2 so kudos to them for that, quality game though. Starting it from scratch as little bro has fecked up my save game.
Mon 01/11/04 at 20:38
"Brooklyn boy"
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IGN are just the worst of a bad bunch. I hardly ever bother with reviews and go with the only opinion that matters to me about gaming - mine. I usually have a browse of some screenshots, read a preview to get a basic idea of a game and then get it, hasn\'t failed me yet.
Mon 01/11/04 at 18:49
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lalakersrule wrote:
> IGN gave it that? Definitly confirms my opinion of them then.
Well how about gamespot ratings ? They have always been hard on games, they actually gave shenmue 7/10, and 8/10 to mgs1, and 9.6/10 to all gta games, as if they were all the same, and only the REALLY good games get 9 or more. Do you know how much did they give the ocarina of time ? 10/10.
And it's not just gamespot, Also on which is a site that can view game ratings in several ways: You can view them according to major sites ratings, all sites ratings, or the public ratings. In all cases, oot was no.1 , also the outcome of all the reviews for San Andreas indicated that it's the 4th best game of all time, and the best game for ps2, not that I agree with them, I was just pointing it out.
Mon 01/11/04 at 17:30
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
It's uncriticisable.

Mon 01/11/04 at 17:28
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Was that the Zelda game that Digitiser criticised and then started months and months of Ninty fanboys bombarding the letters page with death threats and what not?

ahhh good times :-D

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