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"So...Conker then"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Conker's Bad Fur Day'.
Thu 23/06/05 at 09:50
Posts: 7,403
Waiting for my copy to drop through the letterbox now. Been looking forward to this for a while now, don't let me down, Rare.

So who else is getting it?
Tue 19/07/05 at 21:17
Posts: 33,481
I'm back on it.

Burnt a new CD, whacked it in my personal CD player and started blasting away with my mike unplugged.

Much better. :)
Tue 19/07/05 at 20:16
Posts: 5,848
Return to Castle Wolfenstein - World War Two shooter against Nazis and weird devilish creatures
Tue 19/07/05 at 19:07
"Bad Wolf; England"
Posts: 920
What does RTCW stand for?
Tue 19/07/05 at 07:14
Posts: 33,481
My enthusiasm has dropped quite a bit for this title.

Unlike RTCW etc: Rare have opted to only have overall stats with no weekly or monthly ones. The game's not that good for me too play it enough to keep my overall ranking.

Still, I have played a few games of it tonight and I shall come back to it. Shame Rare didn't use a bit more common-sense with the finer points.

A good first try.
Mon 18/07/05 at 20:59
"Bad Wolf; England"
Posts: 920
Mind you, I really cannot wait. As it is highly rumoured that there's a sequel called Conker's other bad fur day.

According to Rare-extreme.
Sun 17/07/05 at 20:15
Posts: 10,437
Gah, I want this. Never had the original.

Fri 15/07/05 at 15:36
"Divine Davine"
Posts: 799
Yeah I noticed that! He's puking in the toilet.

Bless him.
Fri 15/07/05 at 15:33
"Bad Wolf; England"
Posts: 920
Did you know Cooper from GBTG makes a cameo appearance?

You'll catch a glimpse of him when you select 'Game 3'.
Sat 02/07/05 at 21:19
Posts: 33,481
Yeah I'm a gneral which means people go after be to get their general kills up, I still kill them mind you, it just saves me having to come to them! :D

At the moment I'm just keeping my places on the leaderboards but I'll have a marathon session at somepoint and gain a few places.
Sat 02/07/05 at 15:55
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Been doing quite well so far. :-) Got 6 medals and I'm now a General. Have to get back on it soon.

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