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"I've seen Episode 3"

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Thu 19/05/05 at 10:05
"Wants Spymate on dv"
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*Post contains no spoilers* (even though we all knew what was going to happen anyway)

Went to an early morning showing which started at 1am this morning (which made me feel exceptionally geeky not to mention tired this morning) and speaking in the style of master Yoda, "like it you will".

George Lucas has nearly, very nearly, redeemed himself for the monumental balls-up that is EP1. The battle scenes (of which there are probably too many if you want to be overly critical, but I guess it is set during a war) are just stunning, the lightsaber fights are fantastic, and the Star Wars atmosphere is overall a bit more like the original series of films. The way the film ties all the ends together to set it up for A New Hope is also done brilliantly, and it left me with quite a satsified feeling to finally see the kind of closure we all knew was coming.

I'll leave the long-winded reviews which break down every aspect of the film in microscopic detail to others, and simply say it was a darn enjoyable film, not quite sure if you'd ever say it was better than EPs 4, 5 or 6, but it certainly dumps over EPs 1 & 2 from a very great height.
Fri 10/06/05 at 16:30
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Mr Snuggly wrote:
> No one said they were.

Oops, read that post wrong.
But yeah, there used to be lots of Sith and then that was stopped and they don't attempt to "expand" in any of the films.
Fri 10/06/05 at 16:09
"period drama"
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Sith have to follow all the Sith club rules, don't they?
Dark Jedis are just naughty boys.
Fri 10/06/05 at 16:07
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No one said they were.
Fri 10/06/05 at 16:06
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Sith and Dark Jedi are not the same thing.
Fri 10/06/05 at 15:43
"period drama"
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Yeah, before they got pwed.
Fri 10/06/05 at 15:42
"Its all me,me,me,me"
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Strafio wrote:
> I'm sure I briefly saw the Millenium Falcon on Coruscant, but I
> might've been imagining things. I'll wait until I see it again. :-)

Saw it too strafio! When Obi Wan and Anikan are returning to the jedi temple in an air bus after rescueing palpatine. The air bus is pulling on to the docking station and the Falcon is leaving a platfrom down from it.

And back to the topic of multiple sith, In knights of the old republic there are hundreds of sith all dressed in that gold and black uniform however they only have two leaders, Who are Revan and Malick. They are leading a sith army against a jedi army and the forces throughout the galaxy are balanced as you are either sith or jedi. However this is a very long time agao even before darth bane changed the system But it is still an example of how the sith used to be.
Fri 10/06/05 at 11:54
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Pringle28 wrote:
> I thought Grievous was pretty poo. I hated the way he just pulled out
> all the lightsabres and casually said "my master taught me the
> ways of the lightsabre". it all seemed like they were just
> looking for someone or something to top Maul's coolness for ep1.

Yeah. There was more about him in the Animatrix style Cartoon Network series. That made him look really dangerous. Then when we see the "real" Gievous, we get a robot that coughs and splutters with a hunched back! :-)

> Persoanlly I would have kept Maul alive and have him return in 3 to
> control the droid army. This could also symbolise the development of
> the sith as they are expanding in numbers

Thing is, it wasn't really about a Sith comeback.
Palpatine hinted so as to excite his follows, but like a true Sith Master, he merely used it as a way to move them all like pawns in his game to make the Empire. As soon as he didn't need Dooku anymore - CHOP.
Fri 10/06/05 at 00:43
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barn owl lol! wrote:
> It's only a film
> It's not real

Fri 10/06/05 at 00:22
"I like cheese"
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[email protected] wrote:
> Did anyone read Maddox's review of Episode 3? Apologises if it's been
> posted before.
> [URL][/URL]

Yes, but he's really hard because he HATES all movies, doesn't he?

I bet he sits there in the cinema, slobbering all over his 10 packets of popcorn loving every second of Star Wars, before going home and spending all his free time bashing out a pansy-boy review pretending he didn't like it, so that people might actually like him instead.
Thu 09/06/05 at 23:15
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It's only a film

It's not real

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