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"100 Greatest Cartoons"

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Thu 23/12/04 at 23:53
Posts: 5,953

It's another channel 4 poll and the nomination's list is rather odd. Some are films, other's TV series', and others are individual characters. There are even a couple that I wouldn't consider to be cartoons, 'The Magic Roundabout' and 'Wallace and Grommit' are both on the list. Also, I know that many of you like Bucky O'Hare but I'm afraid he's not an option.

My votes went to: Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, The Flinstones, Futurama, Hong Kong Phooey, Ren and Stimpy, The Simpsons, South Park, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

There are some odd choices there, I know. Probably should have included Family Guy somewhere.
Tue 01/03/05 at 22:28
Posts: 21,800
JFH wrote:
> And Tiltawhirl, Monsters Inc. in 6th? What's wrong with you?

It's a personal favourite, really love that film.
Tue 01/03/05 at 21:15
": ("
Posts: 5,614
Caveman was good.
Tue 01/03/05 at 21:04
Posts: 5,953
Here's what the top ten should look like:

1. Looney Tunes
2. The Lion King
3. Hong Kong Phooey
4. The Simpsons
5. Tom and Jerry
6. The Flinstones
7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
8. Mickey Mouse
9. Futurama
10. The Jungle Book
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:54
Posts: 5,953
And Tiltawhirl, Monsters Inc. in 6th? What's wrong with you?
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:54
"I play the Harmonic"
Posts: 1,412
Lion King does to.
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:53
Posts: 5,953
I was just looking at the nominations list and I spotted that 11 of the 105 nominations didn't make it onto the final list, meaning that channel 4 must have actually looked at the suggestions that people made on the form after they voted. E.g. Thundercats was not on the nominations list but still came 54th.
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:53
Posts: 21,800
Hell no!

Both classics but Aladdin is the daddy.

"Prince Ali glorious he blah blah blaaaaaaah blah"
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:51
Posts: 5,953
Lion King beats Aladdin. Easily.
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:49
Posts: 21,800
1. Aladdin
2. The Simpsons
3. Dangermouse
4. The Lion King
5. Bananaman
6. Monsters Inc
7. Count Duckula
8. Dogtanian
9. Toy Story
10. Trapdoor

Questioning that list will summon up the wrath of me laughing at you....a lot
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:48
Posts: 13,611
Just shows how the majority will vote for what's recent, not what's best.

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