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"My first Date... I need help..."

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Sun 19/12/04 at 16:34
"Time Up"
Posts: 755
In a few days I am going to go out for a date, and I have never dated anyone before, in fact I don't think that I have ever talked to a girl in my whole life, and I didn't even fix that date, there was a friend who did it for me, and now I have no clue about what I am supposed to do.. What are people supposed to do on a date ? what kinds of things should I say ? And what kinds of things shouldn't I say ? Please I need all the advice that I can get because I am a total newbie about everything that has to do with these kinds of things.
Tue 11/01/05 at 01:51
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
Very_Metal wrote:

> how old were you when you became so gloriously jaded? :)

> Goatboy wrote:

> ** LOADS!! **

.... ever wish you'd never asked?? ;)

hehe, but it was a pretty good read Goaty m'man.. "nonsense empowering chick-lit toss that tells you that you're powerful and strong and She-Ra."

Tue 11/01/05 at 01:18
Posts: 18,775
That is the most random mental image I've had in a long time.

Cheers dude.
Mon 10/01/05 at 23:50
Posts: 6,592
The stink of desperation is the smell that will ward off women for life. People who look like they want it eventually end up wandering around shopping centres in their slippers when they're 40, caressing the chicken breasts and groping the melons. They're normally fat, ginger and called Barry or Dougie.
Mon 10/01/05 at 22:45
"Slice n Dice baby"
Posts: 135
Goatboy wrote:
> I realised that not trying
> would be far better than acting like a dog on heat.

Couldnt agree with you more on that. Get on with life, theres more to it than sex.
Mon 10/01/05 at 22:40
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Hell I didn't lose my virginity until a couple months past my 18th birthday, I was thinking "Man, it'll never happen"
But it did. Took a few more goes before I realised that not trying would be far better than acting like a dog on heat.
Mon 10/01/05 at 22:20
"Slice n Dice baby"
Posts: 135
Nice philosophy you got there Goatboy.

I couldnt care less about getting laid either. I know that in 7/8 months when im at uni, there will be plenty of the good stuff to go around. Im not bothered about losing it before im 18, makes no difference to me, cos it will happen in the end. Sure, if the oppourtunity presents itself to me before then, hell yeh i'll do the gal, but if it doesnt, meh.
Mon 10/01/05 at 21:58
Posts: 6,015
I call first helping
Mon 10/01/05 at 21:43
Posts: 40
Mon 10/01/05 at 21:39
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Calm down girls, there's enough to go round.
Mon 10/01/05 at 21:38
Posts: 2,464
Stop trying to crawl up goatboy's ass, schlong-end.

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