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"Most disturbing scene in a movie?"

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Tue 17/08/04 at 14:58
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Some of you are probably aware that this topic is on Imdb but its good and I want to start it here :P
So....most disturbing scene in any movie???
Thu 30/09/04 at 11:56
"Wants Spymate on dv"
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I remember probably the most disturbing bit in Day of the Dead is quite sick, when the zombies over-run the facility and tear the guy apart, pulling him open and dragging his mangled body. I remember being shocked when I first saw it at just how sick it was.
Wed 29/09/04 at 22:13
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The Butterfly Effect had two bits that freaked me out:

- When Evan's called by Tommy and told *SPOILERS* that Kayleigh killed herself.

- And the noise of *SPOILERS* Evan bashing Tommy's brains in with the metal baseball bat.
Wed 29/09/04 at 21:19
"Man of Mystery"
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I would have to include the scene in Hannibal where Hannibal eats the brain from that guy, when he is still awake. Made me cringe.

Also from Hannibal where the boars eat the guys face. Pretty Nasty!
Wed 29/09/04 at 20:30
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Super Sized Me is all disturbing.
Wed 29/09/04 at 20:28
"This one goes to 11"
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On the topic of disturbing films, i was suprised to see 'Visitor Q' in Blockbuster this week. I thought it was banned in this country!! They must have cut about half an hour from it!! Anyone seen it?
Tue 28/09/04 at 22:01
"Born of the Earth!"
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Raven-ous wrote:
> Reefer wrote:
> Yup, that's pretty horrific, but it doesn't earn my tears. What kind
> of cinema would show that film anyway? Was it Art House or
> something?
> No, it was in Ireland. A place called the IFC. It shows all sorts of
> foreign and indy films such as Irreversible, The Eye etc.
> Heres hoping they show Firecracker......

Where in Ireland?
Mon 27/09/04 at 23:30
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Tiltawhirl wrote:
> Freddy VS Jason was excellent as long as you're not expecting anything
> intelligent. If you take it for what it is then you should enjoy it,
> helps to be a fan of both series of films as well.

Ah, good.
Mon 27/09/04 at 21:22
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A few bits from Jackass The Movie made me cringe, namely the "paper" cuts between the webbings of their feet, hands and lips :0x
Mon 27/09/04 at 21:20
"This one goes to 11"
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No, ive seen worse than that, im just sayin those scenes out of that particular film were a bit dodgy. i just say it for whatever film i see each day.
Mon 27/09/04 at 21:17
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If you thought that was in the least bit disturbing, you've seen nothing.

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