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This thread has been linked to the game 'Mercenaries'.
Thu 17/02/05 at 22:25
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Anybody getting it?
Anybody played the demo?
Gets excellent reviews across the board but I haven't seen that much blurb about it or hype.
Sat 02/04/05 at 18:53
Posts: 33,481
Sat 02/04/05 at 16:50
Posts: 20,776
Placing C4 on vehicles is just too much fun. Especially when you're disguised as the side you're trying to kill.

NK Officer : "Ah, here comes one of our comrades in his nice big, strangely beeping, cargo truck."

"Why doesn't he slow down? Somebody might get hurt."

"He's heading for that large group of tanks and jeeps!"

Sat 02/04/05 at 11:01
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
OR, place a load in a row, then drive at top speed, jump out with the detonator equipped and let rip just as the car goes over the first one. You won't be seeing that car for a while.
Sat 02/04/05 at 10:58
"Tesco value"
Posts: 992
you've got to jump onto the jeep, or whatever vehicle you are using, then lay the charge. For added fireworks, attach a couple to a chinese fuel truck!

also, try putting about 5 on the floor, and park directly over it, and watch it fly!
Wed 30/03/05 at 15:01
Posts: 14,117
Am I being really thick, because when I want to put C4 onto a jeep or suchlike that I've just got out of, I just end up putting it on the ground next to it.

I want to drive a C4'd up jeep into something else, but it's no good when I just end up blowing up a bush nearby instead....
Wed 30/03/05 at 13:19
"Not the game master"
Posts: 2
I played the demo and completed it i think its a dam good game, going to get the whole thing soon, the graphics are good and the sound is very good, if you put it through your surround sound system like i have its even better. i also like it how you can use any of the jeeps, tanks, helicopters etc, i love using the the helicopters.
Mon 28/03/05 at 16:53
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Right. Got this the other day and I'm just waiting for a moment to start playing.

Reading this, I can't wait...
Sun 27/03/05 at 16:37
Posts: 20,776
I might have a crack at finishing it later, though I'm sure the end mission is ridiculously hard. What a game - Mercenaries 2 will surely be perfection in CD/DVD form.
Sun 27/03/05 at 10:05
Posts: 33,481
ßora† §agdiyeV wrote:
> Well I did it using that advice. I killed sergei then just used the
> chopper to unload on the cards tank, then landed it as quickly as
> possible and verified the body. seems like cheating though really.

Yeah I had to do the same.

The game cheats firs though by having infinite tanks come at the HQ, if you sit on a hill near the HQ and use about 10 tankbusters you'll see what I mean.

Weird mission.
Sun 27/03/05 at 09:09
Posts: 12,425
You can definitely go back for the picture cards, not to sure about the number cards though.

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