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"Lego Star Wars"

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Tue 26/04/05 at 08:58
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Okay, I was hoping somebody else would start talking about this and I could casually join in without having to admit to anything, but as that hasn't happened, I have to admit... I bought a "kid's" game.

Excellent fun though! Anybody agree? I had a little fun on Episode III which managed to give away a few little plot details (there really aren't many left at all now for this movie) and also spent some time running through Episode I.

It might be simple stuff (well, it definitely is, even making TimeSplitters 3 look hard by comparison), but its somehow excellent fun and often quite funny. My only criticism so far is that duels between two human players tend to reach stalemate quite quickly because of the excellent blocking achieved by quick mashing of the square button. My advice: convince them you're working together then surprise the other player with some sneaky back sabering.

Any thoughts?
Tue 19/07/05 at 10:30
"In Soviet Russia..."
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Just wait until you unlock General Grievious...

Four Lightsabers = Pwnage
Tue 05/07/05 at 21:22
Posts: 6,015
Obi Wan's light saber = genius
Tue 05/07/05 at 12:23
Posts: 33,481
Played the demo. It seems to be repetitive hack and slash gameplay, fair enough but I've had quite enough of that with the Dark Alliance series.
Tue 05/07/05 at 11:49
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
Think i shall be sticking with Lego Star Wars for now.

Got Darth Maul last night and what a cool little character he is. Having finished the story mode for Ep 1 i have just been going back collecting all the items you need for the ships. Got them all from Chapter 1 and 3, having trouble with Chapter 2 though. Think im going to try get them all before moving to Ep 2.

Seems the game might actually last me a fair while, which i didnt think possible.

I have seen all the films now, so no need to worry about spoilers. Watching the little Lego peoples take on the film is quite amusing actually. I actually laughed when Qui-Gon died and had little X's for eyes...
Tue 05/07/05 at 09:22
Posts: 6,702
Excellent news! Glad you're back into games a little! On the Darth Maul front, I can't remember exactly where he's unlocked, but since he's strictly Ep I material, I'd guess he gets unlocked in the later sections of Ep I.

I'd mention that the Ep III section may contain spoilers (I had to avoid playing that part until after seeing the movie because just from playing the first two levels I already knew more than I wanted to) but I'm guessing you've already seen Revenge of the Sith.

Are you making a move on God of War later this week, or sticking to Lego Star Wars for now?
Mon 04/07/05 at 20:25
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
ssxpro wrote:
> Good choice Mr Previo!

Need to thank my little sis for that one, she bought it me for my 20th. She probably wanted it for herself too tho. :)

Some excellent fun to be had there! You've
> probably already unlocked them, but Yoda, Palpatine and Mr D Maul are
> excellent fun to use.

Dont have them yet, not been able to play too much, but cant wait for Darth Maul.

Im addicted to the game now i have time to play though!
Mon 04/07/05 at 17:33
"Shizzel happens"
Posts: 199
yeah this aint too bad. a must for star wars nuts. the game in oxford street were selling it for 20 quid when i went in today. got the sickest deal of kingdom hearts, dark chronicle and MGS2:S for 20 quid. safe.
Mon 04/07/05 at 13:44
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Multiplayer is amazing.

Loads of places are selling it for 20. It's worth getting.
Mon 04/07/05 at 13:10
Posts: 6,702
Good choice Mr Previo! Some excellent fun to be had there! You've probably already unlocked them, but Yoda, Palpatine and Mr D Maul are excellent fun to use. Its also always very surprising how much of the level can only be accessed in freeplay mode with other character abilities unlocking hidden areas - adds a lot of extra life to the game.
Mon 04/07/05 at 11:55
"360: swfcman"
Posts: 6,953
Got this on Saturday. Its brilliant.

Loved lego as a kid. Its just like being 10 again!

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