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"Scary Movie 3 is the worst film"

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Mon 26/01/04 at 22:28
Posts: 23,284
I have ever, ever seen in my life.

I wanted to leave, actually I did for some food. Last time any of my friends pick the film.

Oh my god I can't describe how bad this film is... it's Signs/The Ring/8 mile with 'comic' references but its not its just a poor copy of these films.

The 8 mile rap off or whatever made me want to die.
Sat 31/01/04 at 22:00
"100% Sonic fan"
Posts: 908
I thought that the film was good it made me laugh.

it was'nt as good as the first one though. i thought the funniest bit had to be when the girl came out the tv and the other person started a fight after playing jokes on her freind.

you cant say it didnt make at least chuckle a little bit in the film??
Wed 28/01/04 at 19:47
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Yeah, I have been known to laugh at it.
But then, even My Hero made me laugh ... once, so that argument really doesn't stand any ground.

I just find it very predictable. And quite slow to get to any comedic climax. So when it does get there, you could probably guess word-for-word what the scipt says.
Wed 28/01/04 at 19:26
Posts: 10,759
You have to admit the 2 guys puking with the alien watching made you chuckle...
Wed 28/01/04 at 18:44
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Maverick42 wrote:
> That bit when he leans on where the bar would be but instead falls
> through is absolute, purified comic genius. You can watch it one
> hundred times and still be cracking up each viewing.

And that's the one thing everyone has seen a thousand times.
Again ... and again ... and again .. and, oh wait! What's that? ... again.
RSI on your eyes is not funny.

Tue 27/01/04 at 22:45
"[UA] HAHA poo pants"
Posts: 404
Who cares if it's good?

lol, certainly not me.
Tue 27/01/04 at 22:44
Posts: 13,611
Heh. That's only because if it's bad, you've got something else to keep you occupied ;D
Tue 27/01/04 at 22:43
"[UA] HAHA poo pants"
Posts: 404
Who craes if it's good?

Not me.

I'm off to see it with an average height, nice t!ts, blonde hair and good personallity female friend soon. :)
Tue 27/01/04 at 22:41
Posts: 13,611
That bit when he leans on where the bar would be but instead falls through is absolute, purified comic genius. You can watch it one hundred times and still be cracking up each viewing.
Tue 27/01/04 at 22:35
Posts: 20,776
I agree fully, Only Fools and Horses is classic british comedy, and still makes me laugh out loud after six million viewings.
Tue 27/01/04 at 22:33
Posts: 13,611
FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> People just say it's good because everyone else does.

I've grown up watching it. On a personal level, I really enjoy it.

I'm not one to follow the crowd.

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