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"The "Punchbag" Thread"

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Mon 27/07/09 at 23:17
"How Ironic"
Posts: 4,312
Everybody loves a winge. There's nothing worse than gathering up all that pent up rage. So post what really gets on your nerves on this thread for debate or discussion (but please, keep it clean ;D)

I'll start.

I get really annoyed with people who stop in the middle of the road to go the shop. "But i'll only be 5 minutes". Well 5 minutes is too long for me baby! *crashes into the car* (i don't even drive ;D)
Tue 04/08/09 at 13:13
Posts: 9,995
I sleep with a mew doll :3
Tue 04/08/09 at 12:24
Posts: 143
Would you like me to repeat what I just said?
Tue 04/08/09 at 10:17
Posts: 9,995
Kapora Gaebora wrote:
> Do you fancy him? Stroke his hat and white stockings before you
> go to bed?

No but I do often get a baseball bat and pull classic link poses in front of it.
Mon 03/08/09 at 14:20
Posts: 143
Do you fancy him? Stroke his hat and white stockings before you go to bed?
Sun 02/08/09 at 23:47
Posts: 9,995
You guys might be interested to know what's hanging in my living room. One of those killer size wall hanging of OOT link, I put it up when my father was away, and since he came back... I don't know XD

I don't think he's noticed.
Sun 02/08/09 at 22:01
Posts: 23,216
Link looks more of a man when he's in cartoon style mind, Zelda must be so confused to be rescued so often by a guy who almost looks more feminine than she does
Sun 02/08/09 at 16:01
Posts: 143
I agree, she is beautiful. In a video game sort of way.
Sun 02/08/09 at 15:54
Staff Moderator
"Show Me Your Moves"
Posts: 2,255
Kapora Gaebora wrote:
> How long does it take for the Just Arrived thing to change under
> my name?

30 days, after that you will be a 'New User'. A further 60 (I think) after that, you will become regular.

Azulander wrote:
> zelda is *********

WOW 9 stars! You must love Zelda games, I'm a fan but to give it that many stars you must be on a whole different level!

Sun 02/08/09 at 15:33
Posts: 37
zelda is *********
Sun 02/08/09 at 15:28
Posts: 143
How long does it take for the Just Arrived thing to change under my name?

ButchML wrote:
Also, from what I
> can remember, he is not in TP, although I think some similar owls
> are...

Those owls are nothing! I remember Majora's Mask, they made good use of anonymous owls, used them as save points etc. But they just don't have the personality of Kaepora.

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