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Thu 11/12/03 at 08:55
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If there was this machine, that when you walked into it, it would copy you in every way (physical appearance, memories, emotions etc), but then deleted the "you" that walked into the machine, and let the copy out, would you walk in?

If you wouldn't, why not?
Sun 07/03/04 at 00:57
"with a blunt knife"
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it all goes back to belief in souls and such-like. i have to agree with mojojojo and others as he brings up the good point that at one point if there are two of you one soul (or consciousness) can't control both of them.

however who says that the clone will even have a consciousness. maybe he'll be like my physics teacher. stupid, slow, and gaining in smell.

the 6th day was a surprisingly good film and to be honest i didn't really think of the "Your son will be cured but will actually be dead" thing. i was more thinking of "moral" and "ethical" issues (i just thought the big gunz was cool).

and then you've got to wonder what happens to souls when you die. and do animals have souls??? in fact do souls exist? what is with the inner-monologue thing, how does that work? is it because we have a soul that it works???

i think bartender reckons that the soul or consciousness will somehow be transfered when a clone is created but i don't think so. i have no idea what will happen but i know that I would still be Me and that the clone would be amazingly handsome but not actually me.
Fri 05/03/04 at 22:35
"That's right!"
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That's exactly the point, what most couldn't comprehend.
Fri 05/03/04 at 22:34
"allardini's tagline"
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I confused; if it deletes you, even though another you might come out, aren't you just killing yourself?
Tue 02/03/04 at 15:06
"you've got a beard"
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i don't think i would venture into such a machine.. but i have absolutely no coherant arguements as to why, i just wouldn't.

this is a great question mate, really got me thinking........ which, as you can see, was a roaring success ;)
Tue 02/03/04 at 14:59
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
Alrighty then. 'Twas the Arnie flick The 6th Day that really brought it to my attention, the way this bloke was saying "If your son was dying, we could clone him for you, without the brain tumour." Great for his parents and everyone else, but it doesn't change the fact that the kid HAS died, and has simply been replaced.
Tue 02/03/04 at 13:58
"smile, it's free"
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SHEEPY wrote:
> I have the same device
> I call it a cupboard and when I step in AN EXACT COPY OF ME IS MADE
> WITHOUT ME KNOWING. I'll go do it now.......
> See? It's me Sheepy
> Waheh

Did you actually go into the cupboard for that post?

If you did I'm very impressed with your dedication.

And don't worry Mojo, I completely agreed with you from the off. So don't feel too put out :)
Tue 02/03/04 at 13:24
Posts: 4,199
mikelar wrote:
> what if i want in, then came back out to meet my copy, then we held
> hands and went in together again?
> can i get confirmation on what would happen?

haha. im convinced, after reading this thread, that im actually a genius.
Tue 02/03/04 at 13:17
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
"No, it wouldn't be "me". It would look like me, and act like me, but *I* would have no control over it."

That's what *I* kept saying, but nobody got it. Fools.
Tue 02/03/04 at 13:15
Posts: 14,117
I've had chance to have a think about this one now, and feel I can explain myself a little better:

If there was a machine made that could make an exact copy of you, what you look like, memories and even how you'd react to a given situation, would you walk into it?

My answer:

No, it wouldn't be "me". It would look like me, and act like me, but *I* would have no control over it.

I can scratch my arm or pick my nose without thinking about it. I could not get the copy of me to do it. I could not get the copy of me to go to the shops, in the same way that I cannot get my brother to go to the shops. I can ask him, but cannot make him.

Hope that clears things up?
Fri 12/12/03 at 08:51
Posts: 14,117
Ho ho Sheepy.


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