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"The Nintendo show"

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Tue 17/05/05 at 22:17
Posts: 18,185
Well would you look at this. The fellow Nintendo monkeys running around crying because they wanted to see Revolution.

You were told before the show it wasn't going to be there. Why the surprise.

It's the PS3 and X-box 360 show. In fact it is pretty much just the PS3 show. Hence the reason Microsoft did that silly MTV party thing.

What can overshadow the biggest console announcement ever?

No... Nintendo cannot do that.

X-box's gimmick is customisable games, complete with snap on facias. Sony, ultra-realism.

Great ideas but they come at a price. And that price is ours. EA have already stated game prices could rise to as much as 60. And that publishers will have a hard time this generation.

Nintendo's suggestion is different. For starters they haven't cranked up the graphics to a pointless notion that most games developers (sorry all) won't be bothered to meet. But most importantly, Online is free.

The console, games, and online service will be as cheap as a cheap thing that is very cheap. And that's cheap.

Nintendo plan for a 2006 launch alongside Sony. Nintendo are working very hard to reach that. But they don't have anything to show us yet. They don't have time to order their minions to mock up videos and demos. They haven't even finalised the sodding controller yet.

Yet Nintendo fans. Us. Are once again throwing a fit because there wasn't anything concrete on show.

It just isn't the time. It really isn't. Maybe a September Spaceworld will do. But trust me, it makes sense, why show a console that will be overshadowed and ignored because Sony have announced theres.

Nintendo are talking about online plans. They've showed the greatest Zelda demo ever. A handfull of new Gamecube and DS games. And even a new, if slightly pointless, Gameboy... to further attack the PSP.

But still not happy.

The reason why the conference didn't have the impact of last years is because there isn't actually anything to show. I'm not surprised. I'm not happy but nor am I dissapointed. Nintendo's spotlight is still to come.

And I await with baited breath.

Thu 19/05/05 at 11:47
Posts: 23,695
munn wrote:
> Oh, and I always thought E3 was only 2 days long.
> But it must be 3 if something's supposed to happen tommorrow.

E3 only started yesterday.

The unveiling of the Revolution and PS3 were each individual company's pre-E3 announcements.
Thu 19/05/05 at 11:05
Posts: 13,611
I guess we're looking at around 5pm if anything is going to be announced.
Thu 19/05/05 at 10:01
Posts: 18,185
Ah Go-Sen II, the future of Nintendo.

I do not expect a thing.

The new Zelda is shaping up to be amazing. Whilst the download feature of the Revolution with Ique is a winner.

I'm gonna write a post (I know, I know) to discuss the whole revolution thing. We'll see.
Thu 19/05/05 at 00:07
Posts: 7,741
munn wrote:
> They'll probably announce that Reggie is in fact an android.

Go-Sen MkII. Big as a house, strong as Godzilla and with a detachable afro and name-taking book.
Thu 19/05/05 at 00:05
Posts: 7,741
It's open Wed-Fri for the actual show I think, but the conferences run Tue-Thur.
Thu 19/05/05 at 00:03
Posts: 11,038
I expect Nintendo will announce SOMETHING, because if all that they have announced is all they intend to announce, then there wouldn't have been much point in appearing at E3, and by not appearing, they'd probably have caused much more hype.

I expect something.

They'll probably announce that Reggie is in fact an android.

Oh, and I always thought E3 was only 2 days long.
But it must be 3 if something's supposed to happen tommorrow.
Wed 18/05/05 at 23:50
Posts: 7,741
Whitestripes DX wrote:

Those were the days :)

And it turned out to be Naruto, isn't that it?
Wed 18/05/05 at 23:44
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Anything that claims to be backward compatible with ALL previous Nintendo console games is going to be in my collection.

Anything that claims to be able to bring new life to games in new ways is going to be in my collection.

Anything that says Nintendo on the front.... you get the picture...
Wed 18/05/05 at 22:01
Posts: 18,185
People say it's reggie.

I personally think it's all rubbish.
Wed 18/05/05 at 20:59
Posts: 16,558
Who on earth is this Aries guy who "predicted" all the stuff from the conference correctly?

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