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"GTA San Andreas in a week!!"

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Fri 03/06/05 at 15:04
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Sat 20/08/05 at 18:40
"A man with a stick"
Posts: 5,883
I finally got around to getting this for the PC even though I have it for the PS2 (it was a GAD anyways). Can really tell the difference, using the mouse makes it much easier to score gratuitous amounts of headshots and is a much welcome improvement over the crappy auto-lock function the game had on the Playstation.
Sat 20/08/05 at 01:37
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Pool was alright :P
Sat 20/08/05 at 01:30
"The definitive tag"
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Jwoody wrote:
> Why don't you go into a bar and play snooker or dance in a Club!

Probably because they're both rubbish...
Sat 20/08/05 at 00:53
"woody woodpecker"
Posts: 30
To Chippxero

Are you knuts, ther are loads to do in GTA:

Why don't you go into a bar and play snooker or dance in a Club!
Mon 18/07/05 at 21:02
"Captain to you."
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I thought the main story game was a bit short to be honest, it's alright for a bit of a drive/blow-up/crash fun every so often but once the main story is done theres not much left to do.

Hopefully Multi-theft auto will be finished.
Mon 18/07/05 at 20:47
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Yeah, great game. It took me a solid month to complete, although not 100% yet.

Ryder is obviously Eazy-E.
Thu 14/07/05 at 15:48
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Scroll down to Monday 11th.
Thu 14/07/05 at 15:36
"es argh"
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Oopsie daisy

Sat 02/07/05 at 19:50
"Retarded List"
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Lipe wrote:
> FUN! :D
> Bah, just bought Zero's shop only to find the 2nd mission uses them
> stupid RC things. In Vice City it was the helicopter and in this one
> it's the plane, DIE!! A mission is made extremely hard due to the
> applauling controls, why didn't they just leave the RC things out of
> it? Also for those of you that have gotten past this bit, is it
> necessary to complete Zero's missions? I might just leave them and
> the plane really gives me rage.

Oddly enough, I managed to complete the mission on the second attempt. Maybe it's because I spent so much time flying...
Fri 01/07/05 at 10:38
"Previously Vampyr"
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oh noes the replay function is lame. game still rocks though. why isnt there a vampyrette?


am getting cranky as GTA has not arrived yet.

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