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"Simpsons Quotes"

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Tue 17/06/03 at 01:39
Posts: 787
I know this has been done before, but I sometimes crack up at work when I remember some of the quotes from this great tv show, and wanted to see if there's any I missed.

lets get the ball rolling :

Marge : "Homer, are illegally producing alcohol in our basement and selling it to local watering holes??"
Homer : "I'm not gonna lie to you marge ........ well, see you later"
Tue 26/08/03 at 19:37
Posts: 9,320
Bart signing autographs

Bart "Your daughter is named Seymour"

Skinner "Yes, well, er, I lied its for me"
Tue 26/08/03 at 11:26
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Cheif Wiggum: Jeez, How many pavillions do you She-Males need? Beer me, boys!
Sun 24/08/03 at 18:24
Posts: 20,776
mikelar wrote:
> Bart: Are you my conscience?
> Voice: I......Yeeees.
> it's better if you see the episode.

the evil house one.

"Make the walls bleed again!"
"Oh go on, do the blood thing"
Sun 24/08/03 at 09:43
Posts: 4,199
Bart: Are you my conscience?

Voice: I......Yeeees.

it's better if you see the episode.
Sun 24/08/03 at 08:50
Posts: 421
( the sea captain opens a fortune cookie in a chinese restuarent )

"You'll take a long sea voyage......Yaaargh, that'll be nice".
Sat 23/08/03 at 16:09
Posts: 11,038
When Darrel Strawberry takes Homers place in the Monty Burns baseball team:

Bart and Lisa: "Daaaarrelll, Daaaarrelll, Daaaarrelll,"
Marge: "Stop it kids, I don't think that's very nice"
Bart (Or Lisa maybe): "Don't worry mom, proffesional stars like Darrel Strawberry get this in every game, it doesn't bother them"

*Tear rolls down Darrel Strawberry's face*
Sat 23/08/03 at 15:46
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
Comic Book guy: (singing) "i am smart... much smarter than you.. HIBBERT!" :)

Homer: (heckilng ned) "Flaaaaaaanderrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Flaaaaaaanderrrrrrrrrrrrrrs"
Sat 23/08/03 at 11:27
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Principal Skinner: I look forward to car ownership one day, it's jut the fact that Mother insists I repay her for the meals I ate in childhood.
Thu 21/08/03 at 19:28
Posts: 9,320
Homer "God Ive got to ask, what is the meaning of life?"

God "Homer I cant tell you that. You will find out when you die"

Homer "I cant wait that long"

God "You cant wait six months"

Homer "No tell me now"

God "Alright the meaning of life is..."
Thu 21/08/03 at 13:09
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Ray: sorry I'm late for the debate, SOMEONE tampered with the brakes on my car.
Homer: Then you should have come here quicker, shouldn't you?

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