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"Broadband Speed Query"

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Sat 29/03/03 at 16:13
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I've been using Freeola Broadband for a good few weeks now, and have a query with regards to the download speed it gives me.

Obviously Broadband is "supposed" to be 512k right? I've NEVER seen my downloads go at a better rate than around 12 - 20k. Is that normal?

I realise that it's dependent on how busy the service is, but i'm serious that i've NEVER found it to run any quicker. Downloading email attachments, watching film trailers, etc etc. On each occasion it shows as downloading at around 12-20k.

I'm hoping that there's something I can do to increase this speed because I must say i'm EXTREMELY dissapointed if this is the standard connection speed.

Mon 31/03/03 at 23:26
"Eff, you see, kay?"
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Depends on what flash it is entirely. The 1ghz PIIIs only just managed my physics presentation without slowing down, but my old 333 K6-2 could render most flash in webpages fine.
Mon 31/03/03 at 23:07
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Lol quite true... although can't 1700+ not overclocked do fine? I could render flash images fine on a 1ghz AMD Thunderbird
Mon 31/03/03 at 22:54
"Psytrance junkie"
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n][pe wrote:
> Your pc needs to have at least 1ghz for it to be at full speed....

CPU speed will affect the performance if you're using a USB modem, as you're requiring the processor to deal with that rather than just throwing a network card in there to send the data to - the usb connection just puts a higher strain on the cpu, whether the figure is 1ghz or not is debateable. The speed of the pc will also affect how quickly you can render a whole page, obviously, this [email protected] doesn't really have an issue with flash etc, whereas the k6-200 over in yonder corner most certainly does..
Mon 31/03/03 at 22:11
"Jim Jam Jim"
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ADH wrote:
> Okay,
> I've downloaded DrTCP but can't find where to change the RWIN
> settings.

Its the first box on the left side Tcp Recieve window. You do need to restart your machine for the settings to take place. Use a MTU of 1458 and RWIN of 12762 and then try 1430 MTU with a RWIN of 13900. Try downloading files from the same place and doing a few speed tests, and browsing the web with both settings to see which one is the best for you.

Everyone on ADSL should use either of those 2 settings as the BT equipment at the exchanges work best with a MTU of 1458 or less, if the MTU is greater the equipment at the exchange needs to split up each message. Using a MTU of 1459 or greater will slow your connection down as well as cause others on your exchange to have similar problems due to the extra work the equipment at the exchange needs to do. (SPACE) /tweaks has a test that will tell you the MTU and RWIN value so you can see if your MTU is 1458 or less. If its different to the 2 settings above then try them and see if it makes a different. Using DrTCP is easy to change the MTU and RWIN with just a simple restart needed, if the changes dont work out you can easily put back the original values.
Mon 31/03/03 at 20:07
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Yes restart.
Mon 31/03/03 at 19:58
"Is'not Dave... sorr"
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I've downloaded DrTCP but can't find where to change the RWIN settings.

Also, after i've altered the MTU do I need to restart my computer before i'll know whether that's helped my download speed?

Mon 31/03/03 at 19:52
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Just about i think but it the Download speed is slightly higher
and of course game ping should be better....
Mon 31/03/03 at 19:52
Posts: 16,558
Just about i think but it did the Download speed is slightly higher and of course game ping should be better....
Mon 31/03/03 at 19:36
"Jim Jam Jim"
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n][pe wrote:
> Personal experience..... it is fast on a 500mhz pc but on 1ghz it
> seems more likely to get to its highest download speed... and pages
> seem to load faster.

Its probably that your PC couldnt deal with webpages fasst but I bet if you downloaded a file it will be about the same.
Mon 31/03/03 at 19:19
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What speeds did u use to get?

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