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"Life forum regulars - opinion please"

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Thu 13/03/03 at 22:07
Posts: 787
Hi people, I've been thinking of restricting certain users from entering the Life... forum, much like we do with the Future of Gaming (Prime) forum. So, say from tomorrow onwards, you'll only be able to post in the Life forum if you're a Regular. Whaddya say?

In a way, this is disappointing, because intelligent people can't just come straight in and start chatting about 'clever' stuff (like monkey_man's daily food intake) - people like Light have become integral parts of this forum's success, and he was at it form the word go - but I feel like I've been forced to this position.

Wed 19/03/03 at 11:09
Posts: 14,117
Well, what's going to be happening with this then?
Tue 18/03/03 at 10:58
Posts: 14,117
Here's an idea.

How about give notables the power to delete threads/posts BUT, three of them have to want to delete it.

So if one notable is in a bad mood and wants to delete everything he can't.

But if some real crap has been posted in here that three notables think needs deleting, they all click the link, and then it gets deleted.

Probably already been mentioned, but there's too many posts to read them all...
Sun 16/03/03 at 19:09
Posts: 9,494
They should let certain people, like Light, in. In fact, why not filter throught the best users and allow them here. If people post mindless spam 99% of the time, ban them from Life, no matter whether they are a Regular or even a Notable.
Regulars aren't neccesarily more mature, they just know how to click on 'Post This Message' 300 times.
Sun 16/03/03 at 15:18
Posts: 493
What is the point in restricting this forum. It hasnt really got a problem with spam topics and most newbies that come here, including me a few days ago, try to post sensible topics. Its places like the PS2 forum that something has to be done about. It is the worst place on SR, only the Longest thread is keeping it afloat.
Sat 15/03/03 at 18:14
"I am Bumf Ucked"
Posts: 3,669
Or you could just make a new forum - would be easier that way. Call it 'Intelligent Discussion' or something that couldn't be interpreted as 'chat'.
Sat 15/03/03 at 11:06
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
I say we ban Notables from this forum all together, for their own good. They need to get out more, I mean, how sad is it that they spend so much time on a chat forum that other users actually voted for them in an election?

Get them out of here and back into the real world.
Fri 14/03/03 at 23:52
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
I don't mind really.
Fri 14/03/03 at 23:13
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
I guess its a good idea.
Fri 14/03/03 at 22:32
"Comfortably Numb"
Posts: 5,591
I think this idea is good, but as someone said, some n00bs are ok.
Fri 14/03/03 at 20:12
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Has this thing came into force?
I suppose it has to be done, in a way, but the good folks such as Light can't post here for a bit.
Ah well.

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