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"Olympics... OoOoO"

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Fri 08/08/08 at 19:18
"Are you sure?"
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Olympics 2008 thread...
Full Olympics Medal Table from the BBC.

GB's roll of honour (again from the BBC).

I've been quite impressed with the opening ceremony - I watched most of it live this afternoon and I'm watching the highlights as I type this.

I hope 'we' can pull off something as respectable in 2012!!!

The BBC say 4bn people will be watching!
I was surprised to see Sara Brightman had got in there singing the Olympics anthem (good for album sales!).

I did a Google and some Chinese sites say she is from the USA! :(

Let's hope it's a good one - it's certainly started rather well...

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Wed 27/08/08 at 11:23
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I'm glad the Ruskies pipped us to thrid in the table, as it gives us room to imrpove in 4 years time.

If we had got third this year, there's no way we would have been able to get 2nd in 4 years, and so it would have been a bit of a disapointment as people would be expecting too much.
Wed 27/08/08 at 11:13
"eat toast!"
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hurrah. we can continue to rape the world of medals in cycling events unopposed.

Still we would have won a hell of a lot more golds. the 10k free style swimming we were pipped to the post and we fell down to silver position. Had we won them all we would be seeing an event glorious to behold.

BMX, what a farce.
Mon 25/08/08 at 00:20
Posts: 19,415
Indeed, considering we came 10th last year we've really improved a lot. If only that BMX girl didn't mess things up, then we might have got our 20th gold.

I'm not surprised there are countries going after the cycling coach. Apart from the BMX event, we were leading by quite a margin in the cycling events. I'm glad he's decided to stay.
Mon 25/08/08 at 00:12
Posts: 23,216
Machie wrote:
> So we failed in 8 out of 17 events, hopefully we'll do better in
> 4 years time.


There's more medals than they predicted. That'll do!
Mon 25/08/08 at 00:02
Posts: 19,415
I'm bored, so here are the results.

UK Sport targets

Target / Won

Archery - 2 / 0
Athletics - 5 / 4
Badminton - 1 / 0
Boxing - 2 / 3
Canoeing - 2 / 3
Cycling - 6 / 14
Diving - 1 / 0
Equestrian - 3 / 2
Gymnastics - 1 / 1
Judo - 2 / 0
Modern pentathlon - 1 / 1
Rowing - 4 / 6
Sailing - 4 / 6
Shooting - 2 / 0
Swimming - 3 / 6
Taekwondo - 1 / 1
Triathlon - 1 / 0

Target Total - 41 / 47 (Expected 35)
Target Gold - 12 / 19
Revised Target Gold - 20 / 19


So we failed in 8 out of 17 events, hopefully we'll do better in 4 years time.
Sun 24/08/08 at 16:04
"Are you sure?"
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That's it then...

The Olympics are more enjoyable when Team GB do well :)

More in 2012 - it'll soon come round...

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Sun 24/08/08 at 09:06
"Are you sure?"
Posts: 5,000
Machie wrote:
> Do we have any chance of winning another gold? If we don't then
> we've failed the Olympics, we need 20!

Boris is on later today representing GB :) He might pull something out of the bag...

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Sat 23/08/08 at 22:53
Posts: 19,415
True, although you have to admit we totally kicked ass in the cycling. We were so good that we were winning gold AND silver in the same events :D Brit vs Brit.

I'm surpised none of you mentioned that Cuban attacking the referee. Now he and his coach have got a life time ban :/
Sat 23/08/08 at 22:41
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
If we had been in the third spot we would have been very happy, but we're so weak in some areas we lose out very badly. Football in GB has slowly been declining and i doubt we'll see it recover anytime soon.

The footballers could learn a thing or 2 from the winners at the olympics.
Sat 23/08/08 at 22:34
Posts: 19,415
Do we have any chance of winning another gold? If we don't then we've failed the Olympics, we need 20!

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