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"Is Final Fantasy really good? Or has hype brainwashed you to think so?"

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Sun 29/09/02 at 10:37
Posts: 787

I've always been puzzled by the massive success of the Final Fantasy series. I'm just as astonished on how many people like its disjointed interaction that it calls gameplay. I mean, the battles are done on a AI level with little interaction from the player, you just press the attack button and random calculations are made based on if your character is quicker, stronger, or has special abilities that the enemy finds septuple to. You just sit back and watch the computer fighting with it self, occasionally changing its path so that it can continue to fight but in a different manner. If you think about it, your not playing the game at all, but rather the game is playing you. The computer is using you as a tool so it can continue on performing random patterns and calculations, and probably is enjoying every moment of it, too.

So I say this. Make a stand for what is right, say NO to turn-based RPGs and say yes to real-time ones. It's the way RPGs are ment to be played, and if some developer can break this awful trend that is turn-based combat, then I think we'll be back in the good old days of such classics as Zelda, Illusions Of Time and Terranigma.

I've never liked a turn-based RPG up to this day, and I've played alot of them I can tell you. Would you ever replay an RPG after all that stopping and starting, stopping and starting? I would rather put my nads in a vice.
Tue 22/10/02 at 19:37
Posts: 11,024
Rofl. The amount of bitchiness makes me laugh, but I agree with you every step of the way.

Whoever that guy was, said, "It's just a book" - since when do books speak? You probably have talking books though, or don't even grasp what a book actually is. Since when do books require complex decisions to be made every split second? And no, I'm not talking about reading......
Tue 22/10/02 at 19:06
Posts: 6,702
lol! "If you read aloud... as I suspect you do"

Tue 22/10/02 at 19:02
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
WickedWare wrote:
> You all talk about how great the story is, and that's just it, it's
> just a story. A book!

Oh, yeah, my mistake, you're right. I'm worng.
From now on no games can have a story, plot or complex narrative or they're just no worth it.
Just pop me down in some alien environment with a complete stranger, no idea of what to do and a load of nasty-looking things coming at me. Sounds fun! Let's go!

No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot! No more plot!

If you read aloud, as i suspect you do, please add just a hint of sarcasm into your voice and you might just get what I mean.

Mon 21/10/02 at 12:36
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
Flux wrote:
> FFX is a great game, and I'm up to Braska's Final Aeon at the moment
> (3rd to last boss) and I only have one complaint - the game is too
> short. It's only taken me 16 hours to get to where I am

Well if you read below you'll see it took me three hours to defeat ONE monster, so I seriously doubt you did the whole thing in 16 hours unless you purposely set out to prove it could be done, fled from every fight, skipped every scene (why would you want to do that???) and didn't explore any areas at all. In which case you missed out on the whole point of the game and I'd say you haven't really experienced it properly.
Mon 21/10/02 at 12:31
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
I think we can rest our case... anybody who posts here saying FF is just a 'book' or has no value either hasn't read the thread or is a troll/flamer.

By the way, just yesterday I finally reached and defeated Omega Weapon in FFX! What a challenge! It was all out war - I barely managed to stay alive, and I was hardly finding any time to attack because I had to spend all my turns healing and protecting my characters. I lasted for three hours, and I was just starting to regroup for an all out attack (using my rare items) when I got the final blow in and won the battle!

What a feeling of satisfaction :-) I'm glad I didn't wait until my characters were maxed out before trying the fight... it's much more fun this way. It was my 2nd attempt, having lasted for an hour and a half the first time at which point all my characters died, Auron came back to life and was promptly turned to stone.
Mon 21/10/02 at 10:16
Posts: 6,702
16 hours?!? Are you on your second attempt or what? Thats impossible to do first time round I`m sure!
Mon 21/10/02 at 10:09
"The flux capacitor!"
Posts: 1,149
FFX is a great game, and I'm up to Braska's Final Aeon at the moment (3rd to last boss) and I only have one complaint - the game is too short. It's only taken me 16 hours to get to where I am, which is RIGHT near the end. Other FF's have taken me that same ammount of time just to get off one disc. And to add to that, you can't even skip the cut-scenes properly, which shows you just how much gameplay there is in the game. When put into context, FFX is pretty short compared to other RPGs out there. Still, it's a great game, I just thought that It'd take me about 30-40 hours. Maybe I'm just a really fast player, I dunno. How long did it take you all?
Mon 21/10/02 at 10:05
Posts: 6,702
WickedWare wrote:
> You all talk about how great the story is, and that's just it, it's
> just a story. A book!

No, the story is amazing, like we said, making it more interesting than most games, but that is NOT just it, there are thousands of other things going for it. Minigames for example, allowing you to take part in small adventures such as Chocobo training and visits to the Remiem Temple, all the amusements at the gold saucer like the submarine game, then there's blitzball, an entire game inside a game. There are loads of others too. The graphics aren`t as important, but they are far better than most other games across all platforms, and especially little pokemon gameboy games. The main gameplay, excluding storyline and minigames is extensive, with loads of boss battles, plenty of monsters to fight, exploration and puzzles to solve, and no the reading isn`t that bad.

> And Fanatic, you said you lost 600 hours playing it but I must ask the
> question, was that was 600 hours 'playing it' or 'reading it'? READING
> IT!

He means Final Fantasy 4-10 (7 games, and probably twice through in some cases). Also, that isn`t 600 hours of reading. Unlike you, he is probably quite a fast reader, and isn`t bothered by text on screen, so it would only take mere seconds to read each time. Further, if you knew anything about Final Fantasy 10, you`d know that it had speech for the main characters, which certainly comes up more often than text, so its listening not reading.

Fair enough, you don`t like the game, but there are many more people who do.
Sun 20/10/02 at 13:04
Posts: 0
Darwock wrote:
> I saw a demo of FF10 graphics. They're breathtaking. As for the
> dialogues you say they're spoken. Please tell me it has british
> accents and not the abhorent yankee accent. But its certainly a huge
> improvement from the previous mute FFs.
> They are mostly American (some English) but the voice acting is *very*
> good. Many of the actors are regulars from Anime films (Maester
> Seymour is particularly recognizable) plus there are a couple of names
> you should know (although you wouldn't guess from listening to them.
> Dwight Schultz and Mike McShane provide voices to a couple of smaller
> characters!)
> No world map? Ah! Or is it just altered?
> The game is linear all the way through, and they've sort of combined
> the world map with the regular game area. The whole thing is 3D, and
> you have to walk through some massive areas so effectively it's the
> same as the world map. However at the end you get to pick points on a
> 2D map and travel instantly there. That's as close to the world map as
> it gets.
> BTW what is Lulu like? Is she tall and graceful and tough or a whiny
> crybaby? Please say its the former!
> Tall and moody with massive... hands. :-)

Ink man and Wickedware: FF is far better than any Pokemon game. All they have in common is that they're rpgs (Pokemon is of a sort). Pokemon is a childish kiddy game, that some clever person thought of to get even adults hooked on it. FF10 is far more adult and good from what I've heard. Dialogue does not equal a bad game, however lack thereof does constitute a bad one. Too MUCH is also bad, but FF10 has a healthy dose I believe from what I hear.

FFfanatic: I agree, FF10 is far better than any Pokemon game and more adult oriented. But if most people here clocked the game to 75 hrs max how on earth did you play it 600hrs? Morrorwind is bigger supposedly and far more non linear and its 500 hrs (make that 600 prolly with the upcoming exp. pack). BG2 so far is the biggest game I've ever played, clocking it at 250 hrs (50 for TOB, 200 for BG2). I haven't played FF10 or Morrorwind but I intend on playing both eventually. BTW is the Dragon weapon in FF7 Omega Weapon? I thought he was Ruby weapon...My mistake.

Darwock: Are all the characters (incl. baddies and Npcs) voiced? Does Lulu have an English accent? Please say yes! Or has she got a yankee accent (aghh...)? I prefer the English, Australian and S. African (the two last being very similar) accents over the appauling American one. I also like the German and French accents. Let me guess....the final boss has an English accent? Or is it a japanese like one? :p

Massive hands? Does she slap a lot? :p Or do you mean....? I saw her and she seemed really tall...and pretty and moody. The female summoner though seemed like a real stereotypical weak little girl in distress. Bleh!

Sounds great though, albeit the map is a little weird sounding. I'll see when I get the PS2 and FF10.

Cheers for now,
Sun 20/10/02 at 12:48
Posts: 0
Darwock wrote:
> btw Elhan, in addition to what I said in below, the battles are still
> as before except now it's "CTB" instead of "ATB".
> Basically the time limit element has been taken out, with the
> introduction of some other things instead.
> It sort of bugs me when people moan about the random battles. If you
> don't like them, you can put a stop to them. You just need to find out
> how. I've just achieved this in FF10, but I did it quite early in FF8.

Yeah, in FF8 with Diablo you can take encounter to none. You just have to be keen on training the stupid devil thats all. How is it done in FF10?

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